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All By Myself: Maestro Don talks about the challenges in his career

The talented songwriter discusses the difficulties without management, representatives, new releases and his future

The young don has captivated the ladies (Jamar Cleary)

If you have been tuned in to the Dancehall music industry for the past few years, you can't skip the name of Maestro Don. The young talent has several hits that captivated the ladies, while continuing to make the ladies his main focus.

The dancehall entertainer who hails from Portmore, Jamaica, continues to evolve while he is promoting his most recent singles, 'Mimosa' and 'Bad Gyal' featuring Street Gena.

In a recent interview with Kaboom, he said; "I'm just being myself & having fun with the music. Me nuh really mingle much, so that way I maintain my energy levels & put all that in the music, me nuh deh roun a bagga 'yes man' & people fi drain mi energy. All I do is stay consistent by always recording, traveling, writing & reinventing myself while I grow as an artist".

Before his most recent releases, he teamed up with the recording labels of 'Dynasty Global' & 'NSG Music Group' for the single, 'Bully'; a song that definitely expressed his life experiences.

"Bully' is a song from the heart. Mi nuh really talk much, kinda introverted & reserved. So I use music to express my innermost feelings & communicate in a language relatable to listeners. Just my personal experience with life, friends, associates & other people’s experience is what inspired the song”, he explained. "I'm looking forward to release another project aimed at the people who remain focused & never give up. That track is called 'Ten Toes Down', he revealed.

Maestro Don is known for his writing skills, word play and deliver but as we all know, it takes more than raw talent at times to excel in this business to stay consistently on the frontline.

"For most of my career, there wasn’t any real structure behind Maestro Don’s movement" (Jamar Cleary)

"I write all a mi ting dem, yeah, but every career field is filled with challenges and the real challenge is to overcome whatever challenges that presented themself. Big Challenges for me are getting the platforms to use to my advantage to exploit my talent and what I have to bring to the table. For most of my career, there wasn’t any real structure behind Maestro Don’s movement, in terms of management, a representative, or even as simple as a booking agent", the 'Senorita' singer explained while talking about how he managed to deal with all the difficulties in a such demanding industry.

The artiste has experienced success in the last two years with the songs, 'Pioneer' alongside the legendary Bounty Killer and especially the smash hit single 'Senorita' featuring D'yani, with both tracks racking up millions of streams across all streaming platforms collectively. Pioneer’s Official music video have also been featured on BET Jams & BET Plus among other reputable platforms.

"Senorita is still one of the most popular songs with the ladies and is still currently impacting the Jamaican & Latin diaspora; earning me bookings & acknowledgments", he added.

His catalog consists of a wide variety of music selections as mentioned above with other notable singles such as 'Chargie' & 'Ride It' Ft. Starface on the 'Fully Aktiv Riddim'. He highlights a variety of artistes who have influenced him; Bounty Killer, Super Cat, Freddy Mcgregor, Vybz Kartel, Mavado, Popcaan, Masicka & Sizzla; some of the greatest to ever do it, and can definitely be one of the many reasons for his current diverse catalog.

"One of the most simple but most effective advice I received in this business, is to 'Continue doing weh you a do, keep on going & enjoy the journey along the way. Don’t wait on things or time to be perfect, get going & never give up’. So it’s always challenging to be doing all of that for myself & still maintain my artistry", he added toward the end.

With hopes of one day collaborating with Rihanna, Maestro Don says he is fully focused on his future; with more singles & an EP to come, “while mainly focusing on the females because that’s where most of the love & support comes from", the singer concluded.


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