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Maestro Don Set to Release 7-Track "Tomalo" EP

The dancehall artist is gearing up to release "Tomalo," an 7-track collection of mood-driven songs designed for "Bosses" and "Divas," scheduled for release on March 30th

Dancehall artist, Maestro Don (Photo: Jamar Cleary)

Dancehall artiste, Maestro Don, is set to release his 8-track EP titled 'Tomalo' in collaboration with Kaeczar Music Group "KMG," TX47 Records, and JVO Entertainment, slated to release on March 30.

"Tomalo" comprises an 7-track collection of mood-driven songs tailored for "Bosses," "Divas," "Winners," and all music enthusiasts. The title, derived from Spanish, translates to "Take Off" in English.

The theme song "Tomalo" directs its message to the female audience, urging them to break free from toxic relationships and find solace in the companionship of Maestro Don for a secure and enjoyable experience. Enhanced by Afro-inspired beats, the song strives to connect with all listeners, instilling confidence and promoting enjoyment regardless of the circumstances. Accompanied by a music video shot by Rayebann Ent, the release promises to captivate audiences visually as well as sonically.

The EP also includes his single "Ghetto President," characterized by its winning theme, tailored for winners and Dons alike. This track aims to boost confidence and inspire consistency and dedication. Recorded and mixed by NSG, "Ghetto President" promises to resonate with listeners seeking motivation and empowerment.

With these releases, Maestro Don aims to command attention in the music scene. Additionally, he unveiled another release titled "90 Minutes" on the Eros Riddim, produced by Yo Deem under the label Black State Jamaica.


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