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Macka Diamond Seeks Authorization from Rvssian as Ultimate Birthday Gift

The dancehall artist is anticipating the official release of her track 'Still Got It' on the popular 'Dutty Money' Riddim. What are her thoughts on the lyrical feud between Jada Kingdom and Stefflon Don?

Macka Diamond, seeking authorization for her 'Still Got It'

Veteran Dancehall artist Macka Diamond has recently submitted her single 'Still Got It' on the trendy Rvssian's 'Dutty Money' Riddim and is awaiting approval.

The artist, who celebrates her birthday today, Friday, January 12, says she is seeking Rvssian’s authorization for her project as an official birthday gift from the esteemed producer. "That would be the ultimate birthday gift if he releases my song officially; the fans love it and are saying it's one of the best representations on the project. I really appreciate the support and would love to see Rvssian officially endorse it as well," Macka shared.

Since the release of the revamped project, it has, of course, been making waves in the dancehall scene. Recently, the ladies, including Stefflon Don, Shensea, Jada Kingdom, Moyann, and Shaneil Muir, showcased their lyrical prowess on the project. Macka Diamond is also happy that the women are holding their own against their male counterparts in Dancehall.

"The females come out so strong on the project, and as a veteran in the business, I am so proud of all our efforts. We just need Rvssian to approve the songs now so we can officially run with the material," Macka Diamond added.

When asked to comment on the current lyrical feud between fellow artists Jada Kingdom and Stefflon Don, Macka made it clear that she's not taking sides. "These are both talented females representing Dancehall and Jamaica in their own way, so I won't take sides. On the other hand, lyrical feuds can make dancehall fun, so I'm just here watching and listening. I really want them to keep it lyrical though because in these cases, only the man comes out looking good when two women are seemingly arguing over him," she speculated.

The artist is set to officially celebrate her birthday at a Red Carpet Affair in Philadelphia on January 27 at the Macka Diamond Official Birthday Dinner in Calabash hosted by Soca Queen Denise Belfone.


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