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Lagikz Supreme takes us behind the lens; "Mi & Teejay have chemistry like a family"

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

The talented videographer looks up to the ‘Drift' deejay for inspiring him; talks about his collaboration on Ding Dong’s recent single ‘Clean’ and the importance of vlogs: "Fans deserve the full experience"

"I got my breakthrough video with his single 'Unfaithful Games"

The digital age has evolved tremendously over the years advancing technology to higher heights. Providing opportunities for people all over the world, the digital age has created a successful job pool no matter the career path. Making usage and reaping the rewards, it is no different for Nathaniel Kerr popularly known as “Lagikz Supreme”, a prominent videographer in Jamaica’s film industry. Working for over several months creating cover art to fund his camera and video equipment, Lagikz Supreme in an interview with Kaboom Magazine.

Diving into the start of his passion, Lagikz described his upbringing and how it shaped his career path. “I was raised in Seaview Gardens, that place was really the heart of entertainment”, the talented videographer explained. “Back then, it was very common for artistes to shoot music videos within the community. Thankfully, I was always a person who loved being involved in everything. I’d see big talents such as Bounty Killer and his crew doing videos and truly it's what influenced me to do music”, Lagikz added.

Gaining experience shooting multiple music videos over the years. The 27-year-old has worked with many artistes the likes of Teejay while shooting videos for many songs including 'People' and the most recent popular song 'Drift'. Sharing with us the phenomena of his experience Kerr added, “Honestly the making of this video is the true definition of Nitty Gritty”, the videographer revealed. “Teejay had actually sent a preview but even though it was unfinished, he just want to hear my opinion, I said it tuff, so with the feedback him alongside DJ Mac and Panda, finished that verse and it blows up on TikTok. That encouraged him. It had a captivating vibe that made me eager to compile an amazing video”, he deeply reflected.

Continuing to explain the nature of their relationship, Nathaniel divulged the pair’s family-like bond. “It's more than just business, we have chemistry like a family”, the successful talent thankfully remarked. “He would let me listen to his songs so I could give my input and I was always put to the task which made it a good experience. I even got my breakthrough video with his song 'Unfaithful Games' and that's when I began shooting videos professionally”, he continued to express.

"to have visual representation is tremendously important"

Working also with dancehall’s biggest vibes master Ding Dong on his recent single 'Clean', Lagikz Supreme explored the concept of the music video and revealed his key to getting exciting songs to go viral. “Most of the concept was improvised. We really took advantage of this opportunity. I was able to add my creative flare and it worked”, Lagikz thoughtfully expressed. “I do also believe that the storyline is key and it's all about Promotion, the artiste has to take it seriously”, the 27-year-old commented.

Adding to his catalog, visuals for the likes of Iwaata, Intence and one of dancehall’s biggest legends Vybz Kartel, Kerr passionately discussed how important visuals are to the digital age. “It's one thing to hear music but to have visual representation is tremendously important”, the future seasoned vet disclosed. “You want the goal to always be your visuals telling a story that captivates your audience. Once you can do this, I guarantee you will win as an artiste”, Supreme added as he encouraged aspiring artistes.

With his most recently released vlog featuring dancehall artiste and close friend Teejay, Nathaniel argued his standpoint that vlogging is the new wave for artiste and explained its critical importance. "Fans deserve the full experience", he passionately explained. “They need to see what the artiste does outside of their jobs so they can form a personal connection. Seeing them behind the scenes or even the amount of effort it takes to make a song can definitely help and inspire their fans”, the accomplished videographer fairly expressed.

Describing his shooting style as unique and unpredictable, Lagikz Supreme teased upcoming shoots with Teejay and other artistes such as Havan Ikon and Chronic Law which are set to release later this year. “Although I’ve garnered a lot of experience over the years, there’s always room for improvement. I still feel like I’ve just begun. Until I can say I am on the same level as my mentors there will always be more room”, Kerr humbly remarked. “That's why I will continue to perfect my craft, giving the crowd content they’ve never seen before”, he concluded.

Lagikz & Chronic Law, Upcoming single is about to be released


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