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Kxng Izem Drops 'BBL': An Anthem for Unconditional Self-Love

The rising reggae dancehall artist has released a new video with a message of female empowerment: "Every woman should feel beautiful and worthy"

Kxng Izem, encourages the women to break free

Reggae and dancehall rising talent Kxng Izem has unleashed his latest single, "BBL," a vibrant anthem that goes beyond the surface, celebrating body positivity in all its diverse forms.

The track encourages women to liberate themselves from the constraints of unrealistic beauty standards, emphasizing the importance of self-love and acceptance. Kxng Izem's empowering lyrics, delivered with his distinctive smooth and commanding vocals, affirm the beauty of being natural and authentic, with lines like, "Yuh Nah fi do yuh body yuh nuh need no BBL, True yuh natural dem a watch yuh like a CVM; Empress you got it and me love yuh naturally."

The accompanying music video, skillfully directed by Vartex Studio, serves as a vibrant portrayal of diverse bodies moving with unapologetic confidence. "The song was inspired by a friend who was told by a family member that she needs to get a BBL, she felt hurt and disrespected and I thought that this was possibly affecting other women mentally as well so I wanted to give them something to restore their confidence," said Kxng Izem. "Every woman should feel beautiful and worthy, regardless of what the media or society tells them.", he added with a mission to empower every woman to feel beautiful and worthy, regardless of societal expectations, Kxng Izem's "BBL" is a powerful anthem for self-love.

Produced by Island.Wav & Ten24Music, the track was recorded at Harry J Recording studio in Kingston, Jamaica, and expertly mixed and mastered by Kalex.


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