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King Addies will pay musical homage to Biggie's Jamaican lineage

The renowned sound system which celebrates its 40th anniversary will take part in the Notorious B.I.G birthday celebration on Saturday, June 3rd in Brooklyn

Paying Homage to The Notorious B.I.G (Wikipedia)

This Saturday, June 3rd the BIG-EST block party of Summer 2023 takes place in Brooklyn featuring America's #1 sound, King Addies, alongside a few prominent mainstream Hip Hop DJs, iconic rappers and NYC government representatives.

Celebrating the birthday of the beloved Brooklyn rapper Christopher Wallace (professionally known as The Notorious BIG) and Hip Hop’s big 50th Anniversary milestone, BIGGIE's iconic block party will be hosted by legendary television producer/cultural icon Ralph McDaniels' program.

Notorious for having a variety of Hip Hop elites on deck to toast the late rapper, the star-studded, outdoor, family-friendly, community gathering takes place annually at the Brooklyn block Wallace grew up on at St. James Place, between Gates Avenue and Fulton Street-affectionately renamed @ChristopherWallaceWay in 2019.

King Addies will pay musical homage to Biggie's Jamaican lineage

America's king sound, King Addies, was invited to pay musical homage to Biggie's Jamaican lineage. Biggie's mother is Jamaican and used to send him there to spend summers with an uncle whom exposed him to Jamaica's unique sound system culture.

Presented by Ralph McDaniels, with the curation support of HeteroDoxx Inc., BIG's Block Party is a free event, which will begin at 12pm and end at 6pm.

Established in Brooklyn NY in 1983, King Addies, has celebrates its 40th Anniversary this year. Addies is the most prominent sound system in the USA and a global ambassador for the Sound System area. The sound is a springboard platform in America for emerging Jamaican talent (selectors, sounds, producers and artists).


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