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Kim Kelly Makes a Dynamic Comeback with 'Money Pile'

Jamaican dancehall female artist collaborates with Bashy for an infectious empowering anthem

Kim Kelly roars back with 'Money Pile'

Jamaican-Born Canadian-based dancehall artist Kim Kelly, emerges with renewed vigor, unveiling her latest single "Money Pile," a scorching collaboration with Jamaican hitmaker producer Bashy of Collect Di Bread Ent. and Valco Donn Records.

Set on the pulsating "All Night" Riddim, this infectious track signals a bold new phase in Kim's journey, characterized by growth, confidence, and a firm embrace of self-worth.

Reflecting on her recent mindset, Kim shares, "My mood of recent has just been exactly about growth and only dealing with situations that can elevate me."

With "Money Pile," Kim exudes an electrifying energy that underscores her artistic evolution. "I definitely hear my growth and confidence with this song," she shares. "If you were to ask me 'who is Kim Kelly' as of this very moment, I'd send them to listen to 'Money Pile.'"

The synergy between Kim and the well-respected producer, Alexandre 'Bashy' Jones is palpable in this project, a continuation of their previous collaboration on the track "Nobody Knows." Bashy commends Kim's growth, "One of the most rewarding parts of collaborating with Kim has been witnessing her artistic growth. She’s not just a singer; she’s a storyteller, and it’s our job to ensure her stories resonate with every beat and note.”

"This whole process was amazing and unforgettable," beams Kim. "I would be ready to return to the scene and introduce Kim Kelly to the massive one more time."

The single is set to drop on March 15 across various streaming platforms.


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