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Kes To Elevate Soca Music To New Heights With 'Man With No Door'

International Soca Star set to return with collabs with Busy Signal & Queen Omega, Promising fresh sounds and innovative fusions

International Soca Sensation Kes returns with highly anticipated release

Getting ready for the upcoming carnival season, the internationally acclaimed soca sensation Kes has offered a sneak peek into his highly awaited album 'Man With No Door', marking his return after with first album in 10 years. Set to drop on Friday, March 29th, via Ineffable Records, this album is a fusion of soca with Latin influences across its 17 tracks, as revealed by Kes during this year's IZWe festival.

With a vision to elevate soca music to new heights and showcase its universal appeal, Kes incorporates Latin elements into several singles. While the opening track immerses listeners in the infectious soca beats, it also features 'Banga', Kes's recent release, setting the stage for carnival fervor. Additionally, Kes offers a more laid-back vibe with the soothing track 'Keep My Cool'.

Certainly, collaborations are a pivotal aspect of the album, with Kes joining forces with dancehall luminary Busy Signal for 'Honeycomb', produced by DJ Michael Brun. Additionally, the album closes with the roots-infused track 'Rise Up', featuring Trinidadian artist Queen Omega.

Known for his electrifying performances and genre-blending prowess, which includes reggae, pop, EDM, and R&B alongside soca, Kes promises nothing short of a masterpiece with 'Man With No Door'.


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