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Jr bloodline scores big with well-needed dancehall juggling riddim

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Producer Junior Bloodline has again launched a riddim. The connection with Chronic Law continues, and also songs by T'nez and touch on Yaksta's upcoming album

Chronic Law Here again with an intriguing melody (Rickayla Mcneil, Kaboom Media)

A few years ago, music producer Junior ‘Bloodline' Smith teamed with Lifespan Spring Water to release the 'Lifespan Riddim' project.

Last December, he released his most recent project, Holi Wata riddim, in collaboration with Caribbean Producers Jamaica’s (CPJ) St Remy Signature brand.

“The project Holi Wata really came about after I recorded the song Holi Wata by T-Nez and based on the feeling the song gave me and in these times when everyone singing about obeah, it was only right to remind the public that be anointed by the blood of Jesus blood is still the only way to be blessed,” Junior Bloodline explained.

Holi Wata comprises the songs 'Holi Wata' by T-Nez, 'Tears and Bloodshed' (Chronic Law), 'Success' which will feature on Yaksta's upcoming album, and songs from dancehall artists Prohgress, Onsoundmynd, Kyodi, Tatik, Nicko Blast & Pesh Don.

Holi Wata artwork, another flight by Jr. Bloodline

According to Junior Bloodline, the project took a little over a year to be comp.


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