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Jamaican Duo Freemynz Has Released Its Highly anticipated Single, "Disbelief"

Jamaican Dancehall duo Freemynz persists in their musical journey by unveiling a new dancehall-pop fusion single

Jamaican Dancehall duo Freemynz

After the success of their popular track "Dangerous," the Jamaican Dancehall duo Freemynz has unveiled their latest dancehall/pop fusion single, titled "Disbelief." Produced by Gate ‘GC’ Citizens, the song is now available on all major download and streaming platforms through the Stashang Records label.

"Disbelief" showcases Freemynz's distinctive combination of soulful singing and Dancehall DJing. This mesmerizing love song harmonizes the vocals of Shango Trex and the Dancehall DJing skills of Catapila.

Infused with emotion and carried by an infectious Dancehall/Pop rhythm, "Disbelief" aims to touch hearts and stir souls with its authentic sound. Immerse yourself in the rhythm, feel the vibe, and allow Freemynz to transport you to a realm of pure musical enjoyment.

Freemynz (pronounced free minds) reflects a commitment to open-mindedness and a rejection of societal constraints. This musical collaboration features the Jamaican artists David "Catapila" Nevin and Dennis "Shango Trex" Llewellyn, who have quickly become a beloved duo in the realm of reggae music.

Renowned for hits like "Time to Shine" and the critically acclaimed 2023 track "Dangerous," Freemynz is set to make a profound impact on the global music scene with their latest single, "Disbelief." Embodying a spirit of independence and creativity, Freemynz invites listeners to break free from mental boundaries and embark on a musical journey that transcends conventional norms.


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