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  • Akeeile Harris

Interview: Fada Shella Guides DJ Mac and Baba's Path to Success

The manager of the dynamic duo Mac and Baba provides insights into their challenges, busy schedule, future plans, and the unforgettable moments of performing at Burna Boy's concert: "it was truly unforgettable"

Shella with Baba and Mac, just a winning team

Like any successful brand, every component must harmonize in chemistry and synergy, and this holds true for the dynamic duo DJ Mac and Baba. These two young Jamaicans have gained popularity in recent years, captivating audiences across Jamaica, the Caribbean, and the USA.

Guiding their journey is their manager, Shelldon Welsh, better known as Fada Shella, who skillfully navigates the ship toward success. "I began serving as a member of DJ Mac and DJ Baba's management team around 2021. While we may not have been childhood friends, our professional relationship has evolved into a strong bond over the years of working together in the music industry. It started as a passion that turned into a career, and I feel fortunate to work in an industry I love," he expressed.

A Journey as a team has been filled with smiles

Reflecting on the responsibility that falls on his shoulders to leverage success, Fada Shella explained, "Booking gigs and ensuring smooth operations during events are definitely part of it, but it goes beyond that. I also handle negotiations, contracts, marketing strategies, and overall brand management. Additionally, I provide support and guidance to help them navigate the ever-evolving music industry landscape."

While Mac develops as a budding producer in the industry, Shelldon has to balance between the worlds. "Balancing the team's schedule with Mac's growth as a producer is definitely a challenge, but one that we manage by prioritizing and staying organized. We communicate regularly to ensure that both his DJ commitments and production endeavors receive the attention they deserve. Flexibility and effective time management are key in maintaining this balance," Shella echoed.

Shella & Baba, growing together as a team.

So does the solution lie in adding more people to the team? "There are no concrete plans at the moment to expand the brand into sound systems, but it's certainly something we've discussed and considered for the future. We're always exploring opportunities for growth and innovation, so it's definitely on our radar," he shared. "Currently, we're focused on honing our craft and delivering the best possible experience for our fans through DJing and music production."

They recently returned from a performance in front of an enthusiastic audience in the Bahamas, but if you mark a defining moment in this period of success, Fada Shella points to Burna Boy's concert in Jamaica as the major memory so far. "There have been so many memorable moments. From electrifying performances at major festivals to milestone achievements in the studio. One standout moment was when DJ Mac & Baba played a set at the Burna Boy concert that had the entire crowd dancing – it was truly unforgettable."

Fada Shella alongside DJ Mac, "Balancing the team's schedule with Mac's growth as a producer is definitely a challenge"

When the team is constantly thinking about how to develop and grow, Shella makes it clear. "Our journey as a team has been filled with ups and downs, but we're incredibly grateful for the support of our fans and the opportunities that have come our way. We're excited to continue pushing boundaries and making our mark in the music industry," he concluded, looking ahead to a bright future.


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