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Beenie Man To Deliver Unique Performance as Moses Davis At JARUM Festival

The legendary king of dancehall promises an exclusive show at the Jamaica Rum Festival, stating, "It gives the fans a side of me they haven't seen in a long time"

Beenie Man will deliver a unique performance as Moses Davis (Photo: Tejano Taylor)

The legendary King of the Dancehall, Beenie Man is gearing up to deliver a solid performance as Moses Davis at the 2024 staging of Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum Festival on July 18 in Montego Bay.

In an extraordinary move, the Grammy Award-winning recording artiste will be accompanied by an orchestra, promising a truly unforgettable experience for all in attendance.

The announcement of Beenie Man's exclusive performance was made on Wednesday, March 27, during the launch of the 2024 Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum Festival, which was attended by industry stakeholders and specially invited guests.

"For me to perform as Moses Davis, it is obviously a pleasure. It gives the fans a side of me they haven't seen in a long time, or rarely get to see where I will get to sing certain songs that I wouldn’t and can’t perform in a regular stage show setting", expressed Beenie Man. "The idea of a whole acoustic band setting, that’s Moses Davis, I love to deejay but I also love to sing and singing consciousness is a big deal for me.”

Contemplating his upcoming performance at the Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum Festival, Beenie Man added, “And for me to be headlining the festival this milestone year, is phenomenal. I attended one year and participated in the dominoes tournament, and now, we’re taking all those vibes back to the festival and more. The energy is good because we're maintaining the Jamaican culture. It's a great feeling to be a headliner for the show.”

Highlighting Beenie Man's enduring talent, Stefano Furini, Marketing Director at J. Wray & Nephew Limited, expressed, "Beenie Man is such a classic reggae-dancehall talent. His track, 'Who Am I', recorded in the late 90s, is a timeless track and one of his most popularly sampled productions across a wide range of genres."

"Patrons of our Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum Festival will certainly be seeing another side of who he is as Moses Davis and what makes him ‘king’ in the reggae-dancehall sphere. It will be a performance that people, who don’t get to attend, will regret missing once they hear about it,” Furini added.

The Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum Festival, in partnership with Reggae Sumfest, is set for Thursday, July 18, 2024, at Montego Bay's Catherine Hall Sports Complex. This day-long event, part of the week's celebrations, boasts rum seminars, delicious food, and live shows, including a special performance by Moses Davis. capping it off, the Blitz concert features Walshy Fire, Brush1, and Franco, giving attendees double the entertainment for one ticket price.


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