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Interview: Boomdraw Discusses Clarks Collaboration and Grammy Nomination

Jamaican producer shares insights on collaborating with favorite brand, Grammy nomination fame, and work with Samory-I, among other topics

Boomdraw, Elevating to the Top Level (Photo: Jik Reuben)

In the dynamic world of music production, few stories captivate the spirit of triumph as vividly as that of Boomdraw (Born Yared Lee), a talented producer whose beats have found a home in both commercial campaigns for renowned brands like Clarks and the Grammy-nominated album "Royal" by Jesse Royal. We delve into his journey that has shaped his recent successes and the aspirations that fuel his passion for music production.

Boomdraw shares the exhilarating experience of having his beats featured in Clarks' "Dancehall Collection" campaign. A self-proclaimed fan of the Clarks brand, the collaboration presented a significant milestone in his career. "It felt like I won an award! I’m a big fan of the Clarks brand personally and obviously they’re also very important to Jamaican culture, so it’s a really big deal to me for them to use my riddim for their 'Dancehall Collection' campaign. My experience working with them was a breeze, I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity and would love to work with Clarks again", he shared.

Collaborating with a major brand like Clarks proved to be a catalyst for Boomdraw's career. "The Clarks collaboration came about via my management, Wengi Kofia Consultancy. They were involved in the production of the ad and asked me for tracks that they could present to the Clarks team so they could pick a riddim they liked", the talented producer revealed.

The experience bolstered his credibility, particularly in the realm of music production associated with specific genres. The success of the campaign and other notable events in 2023, such as DJing the Lost In Time Festival and Samory I's album launch, instilled a sense of encouragement and inspiration. "I can look back on 2023 as a good year for me in music. Producing the music for the Clarks 'Dancehall Collection campaign has also helped to increase my credibility within a specific category of music production that I didn’t have much exposure to previously. It gives me the ability to say to prospective clients that 'Hey, Clarks trusted me with the music for their campaign, therefore you can too".

Reflecting on the unique requirements of music for branding and advertising purposes, Boomdraw emphasizes the importance of alignment with a brand's message and target demographic. "A piece of music being suitable for branding and advertising purposes relies on its ability to assist in the communication of a brand's message, whatever it may be. The music also has to appeal to the target demographic of the brand or specific campaign. Then it must appeal to the tastes of the people in charge of green-lighting the use of the music. Other considerations have to be made as well such as the arrangement of the music. Most ads play for very limited run-times and need to capture the attention of the consumer quickly", Boomdraw echoed.

Undoubtedly, one of the pinnacles in Boomdraw's journey was the Grammy nomination for the album "Royal" by Jesse Royal. Producing the track "Black," Boomdraw vividly recalls the ecstatic moment of hearing the announcement. "The moment it happened was beyond words for me. I was watching the livestream of the announcement and when I heard Jesse’s name I flew out of my chair and started shouting excitedly, I even accidentally put a dent in the drywall of my room from how hard I got up. There’s even a video on my Instagram of the moment it happened", he shared excitedly. "It was an especially poetic moment for me because at the time I was working a part-time job at a call center to make some extra money. That was a soul-draining experience and the Grammy Nomination put things in perspective for me that I need to put more effort into making music", Lee added.

Boomdraw, "There's still so much to explore in music" (Photo: Jik Reuben)

As he reflects on his recent triumphs, he expresses a sense of rejuvenation and a feeling of being on the cusp of greater exploration. The success with Clarks and the Grammy nomination have fueled his desire to delve into new realms of music production. "There's still so much to explore in music. Going forward I'd really love to do more composing for film/media, working with artists I've always looked up to, developing an artist and going on my first tour", the producer said. "In the near-term I'm planning on completing and releasing work that was already in progress and also putting on more music-based events in order to have more experiences to offer the supporters of my music".

Boomdraw stands as a testament to the transformative power of dedication, collaboration, and the profound impact music can have on both commercial and artistic landscapes. As he continues to shape the soundscape of his generation, the world eagerly awaits the next chapters in his musical odyssey.


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