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Imposter Tracks Detected on Chronixx's Spotify Account

Reggae Star addresses speculation amidst unauthorized uploads on Spotify: "I don't have any releases for the near future"

Chronixx, No new music on the horizon

Jamaican reggae star Chronixx, though not releasing music as frequently as before, seems notably active on his Spotify account of late. However, this activity seems to be a mistake.

In a recent story on his Instagram account, the 'Here Comes Troubles' artist addressed the situation, explaining that Spotify had failed to protect his account, allowing unauthorized uploads under his name. "Spotify literally allows anyone to post music to my official account as Chronixx", he expressed.

Although his last official release was the track 'Pon Di Plaza' with drummer Yuseff Dayes in September 2023, there have been two new singles uploaded to his Spotify profile over the past weekend, garnering attention from his 2.6 million monthly listeners.

Chronixx's Story

However, upon listening, it becomes evident that these tracks are not from Chronixx, as the style and sound are drastically different, and the artist himself states that he has no new music in the works.


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