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Family Experience: Protoje and his crew are set to host the "Lost in Time Festival"

The Grammy nominee artiste promises to bring a premium reggae package to the Jamaicans: "the artist line-up for the festival this year is very dynamic". the event will be held on Saturday, February 25

"the artiste line-up for the festival this year is very dynamic" (Rickayla Mcneil, Kaboom Media)

Reggae artiste and Grammy nominee for best reggae album, Protoje, along with his team are set to host the "Lost In Time Festival", In the Beautiful lawns of Hope Gardens in Kingston, Jamaica, on Saturday, Feb 25, 2023.

The reggae festival will feature a variety of dynamic performances by artists such as Lila Ike, Jaz Elise, Jesse Royal, Naomi Cowan, Mortimer, Samory I, Tessellated, Ras-I, Yaadcore, and of course Protoje himself. "the artiste line-up for the festival this year is very dynamic. 10 artistes all at different stages in their careers, but they all have one thing in common, they all have projects out – good bodies of work, which was important for me to showcase. I wanted to put artistes on the show that I love and respect", shares the artiste.

A differentiating factor for the Lost In Time Festival is that it has two stages. the 'New Wave Stage' and The 'Lost In Time Stage', both of them are going to have bands. It will be 5 artistes performing on each of the two stages. It’s really more of a family experience. The show will be starting early and that’s a different feature as well.

Lila Ike & Jaz Elise At the last family reunion (Jamar Cleary)

"The difference in my opinion is that a stage show is more stagnant enuh. Ah think with a festival its more interactive, a lot more going on, we’re building an artisan village, a food court, you can do a little shopping, the décor, everything is gonna be like you walk into a different land, not just a lot of trussing (web of joined triangles, hinged together to facilitate for more even weight distribution, for stage rigging) enuh, there’s more variety", explain Protoje.

Rolling Stone, VOUGUE, and The FADER Publications have declared Protoje’ one of the brightest talents out of Jamaica. His catalog consists of the studio albums: "Seven Year Itch" (2011), "The 8 Year Affair" (2013), "Ancient Future" (2015), "A Matter Of Time" (2018), "In Search Of Lost Time" (2020), and "Third Time’s The Charm" (2022). Third Time’s The Charm concludes his trilogy of albums associated with time.

"A Matter Of Time" - via In.Digg.Nation Collective / Overstand Entertainment, earned him a GRAMMY nomination for Best Reggae Album and so did his last album, "Third Time’s The Charm". Protoje has appeared at major festivals including Coachella (US), Glastonbury (UK), Afropunk (US), Reading & Leeds (UK), Sole DXB (Dubai) and Lollapalooza (Chile).

Learn more about Protoje’ and The Lost in Time Festival

Protoje, "one of the brightest talents out of Jamaica" (Jamar Cleary)


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