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Eli-Mac & Collie Buddz Releases Summer Love Anthem "Résumé"

Hawaii based reggae sensation teams up with Bermudian reggae singer for a lovely single: "Résumé' is a humble love song of someone who truly wants love"

Philippines-born and Hawaii-raised reggae sensation Eli-Mac (Abel Rodriguez)

Philippines-born and Hawaii-raised reggae sensation Eli-Mac teams up with Bermudian reggae singer, Collie Buddz for a new single titled 'Resume'. This enchanting single, released through Island Empire/Mensch House Records, seamlessly blends Eli-Mac's quintessential island style with R&B undertones, creating the perfect easy-going summer love anthem that demands to be played loud with the windows down.

"Résumé," recorded at Sea Major Seven in Hawai'i, was brought to life under the attentive guidance of producer Noah Cronin. The inspiration behind the song came from the profound love story of two lifelong friends of Eli-Mac, whose connection blossomed during their early 20s back in 2010 leading to marriage and an enduring love that thrives to this day. Eli-Mac, deeply moved by their experience, now shares their passion and love with the world through this powerful song.

Explaining the essence of "Résumé," Eli-Mac reveals, "Résumé' is a humble love song of someone who truly wants love, and not just any kind of love, a true and deep love. It is a song of hope but also about someone who knows that what they have to offer is valuable. It’s about someone who is looking for somebody who can reciprocate the same energy and offer true love back in return."

The music video is inspired by a true love story between two of Eli-Mac’s dear friends, Marybeth and Kanoa. The video captures the joy, friendship, and love that unfolds as a result of Eli-Mac’s matchmaking efforts, creating an uplifting and celebratory visual narrative for the song "Résumé."

Further detailing the true, heartwarming story between her dear friends, Eli-Mac reveals, “Résumé” was a song written by my friend named Kanoa. He wrote this song for his wife Marybeth who is my really good friend. Kanoa wrote this song for her back in the day when we used to burn CDs. He recorded the song and gave it to her on a burned CD and asked her to be his girlfriend. They are now married and are about to be grandparents. This song is their love story and I’m really proud to share it with the world.”

Camile Velasco, known by her stage name Eli-Mac, has embarked on an extraordinary musical journey that blends reggae, R&B, and hip-hop into a remarkable fusion. She developed a rebellious style that drew influence from iconic figures such as Lauryn Hill, Salt N Pepa, TLC, Erykah Badu, Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Tupac Shakur, Mobb Deep and Janet Jackson shaping her unique sound and style from an early age.


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