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Dancehall Artiste Frahcess Joins Forces with Upsetta Records for upcoming release 'Designer'

The Portmore-native Dancehall singer collaborates with Upsetta Records on latest single; Music video set to premiere on December 1st

Trying to cultivate his own unique style

Dancehall artist Frahcess has teamed up with Upsetta Records for a fresh release titled 'Designer.' The collaboration began a few years ago when Frahcess first connected with Dubee of Upsetta Records. Their recent reunion sparked the creative process that led to the development of this latest single. Adding to the collaborative effort, fellow team member Dante took charge of producing the beat for the track.

The music video, shot by Blacq Road Media and directed by Jayeleah, will be officially released along with the single on Friday, December 1st, via OneRPM.

Frahcess One is an emerging talent in the Jamaican dancehall scene, known for his distinctive sound and empowering lyrics. Hailing from Portmore, he has been involved in music since his school days, experimenting with singing and playing various instruments, including the piano and guitar. He mentioned developing his passion and love for the entertainment business.

His lyrics often delve into social issues such as women's empowerment, self-love, and the challenges of inner-city life. Describing his style as a blend of fast and slow melodies with unique lyrics, Frahcess is carving out a distinctive musical identity.

Earlier this year, Frahcess unveiled his musical prowess with the release of a 10-track album titled 'Darka Than Midnight' through Primetime Music. The album stands as a testament to Frahcess's artistic depth and showcases his unique contribution to the music landscape.

Founded in 2013, Upsetta Records has gained recognition for its distinctive fusion of reggae and dancehall beats. The record label has collaborated with numerous notable dancehall and reggae artists, building an impressive roster that includes Sizzla, Chris Martin, Agent Sasco, Queen Ifrica, Koffee, and many others.

Frahcess one, rising dancehall talent

Among the standout creations from the label, two singles have notably captured global attention. "Winning Right Now" by Sasco has amassed an impressive over 7 million views on YouTube, marking a significant milestone for Upsetta Records. Additionally, the label takes pride in its collaboration with Grammy-winning singer Koffee, whose track "Burning" further solidifies Upsetta Records' reputation for fostering exceptional talent and delivering chart-topping hits.

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Nov 24, 2023

That is it Mi dj

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