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CPJ Launches D'USSE at Aura Day Club Jamaica

Experience the Fusion of Luxury and Flavor at Aura Day Club with CPJ's Introduction of D'USSE, the Collaboration Cognac by Jay-Z and Bacardi

The ladies relished the vibrant notes of honey, ginger, and spice

Caribbean Producers Jamaica (CPJ) introduced the Jay-Z/Bacardi collaboration cognac -D'USSE- at Aura Day Club at ROK Hotel on Sunday, February 18 2024. The event signaled an “aura” of luxury and sophistication, fused with the intoxicating Jamaican vibe.

From entrance to poolside, D’usse, captivated attendees with its smooth yet urbane taste profile, crafted from a blend of Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne grapes from the Cognac region of France. Aged for a minimum of four and a half years in French oak barrels, D'USSE delivered an unparalleled taste experience with its rich notes of honey, ginger, and spice.

Satiated with the D’usse aura, Kemar Lewis, CPJ's Senior Regional Category Manager, expressed satisfaction with the introduction of the newest cognac in Jamaica. "Aura Day Club provided the perfect backdrop for introducing D'USSE to discerning consumers- in need of a new taste to fall in love with- in an energetic and stylish setting. D'USSE embodies luxury, sophistication, and success, making it a natural aspirational brand for the Jamaican market."

D'usse: Luxury, Sophistication, Success - Perfect for Jamaica

Guests were enveloped in the vibrant atmosphere of the Aura Day Club, where they savored the pulsating beats of top DJs and savored the breathtaking vistas of Kingston. Amidst the bustling energy, industry influencers and tastemakers reveled in the privilege of being among the first to experience D'USSE in Jamaica, forging connections with like-minded trendsetters. As the event unfolded, attendees departed with cherished memories and a newfound admiration for the epitome of cognac luxury.


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