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Chronic Law, Intence, Alkaline, & 3 more: The Singles Of The Week

Chronic Law dominates with 'Street Vybz,' Intence kicks off the year in his customary style, and Pablo YG exhibits intriguing prowess

L-R: Intence, Alkaline, Chronic Law & Pablo YG

As we usher in 2024, we eagerly await a surge of new singles. Nevertheless, here's a compilation of the ones we've gathered from the year's end when the releases were relatively scarce.

Chronic Law – 'Weekend' Chronic Law showcases the seamless fusion of old-school riddim with the new generation of artists. The rising dancehall star propels forward with an impressive flow and lyrical prowess, harmonizing effortlessly with the familiar beats provided by Notnice, resulting in a potential hit single.

Alkaline – 'Lum Sum' Alkaline ushers in the new year with a dancehall banger. In a track tailored for the ladies, he employs an enchanting flow and compelling lyrics to captivate the audience, setting the stage for what seems to be a potential hit.

Intence – 'Year of Gear' As is customary each year, Intence releases a new single to mark the beginning of the year. On the path to his eagerly anticipated debut album, 'VOYAGE,' the Yeng Boss presents 'Year of Gear,' a track filled with vibes that showcase his melodic prowess and meticulous rhyming. Enhanced by a video that provides a palpable atmosphere, skillfully directed by KD Visuals.

Pablo YG – 'Meca' Pablo YG consistently showcases remarkable talent. In his latest single, he adeptly synchronizes with the formidable beat crafted by Anju Blaxx and Kadeem of Black State, presenting a flawlessly smooth and captivating delivery of lyrics. His impressively dynamic flow shines through in a track brimming with messages tailored for the ladies.

Jquan – Painful Melodies' Jquan's voice commands attention, eliciting an involuntary admiration. In his latest single, he channels raw emotion, proudly celebrating his breakthrough and making it clear that there's no space for badmind people in his midst.

Byron Messia – 'Levelz' As Byron Messia embarks on the journey towards his debut album, following a remarkable year, he kicks off 2024 by revealing to the world his lyrical prowess through a single that proudly highlights his accomplishments and levels.


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