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Byron Messia releases a pain-filled track titled, ‘Emergency’

The rising dancehall star returns with a single to describe his miraculous survival from what could have been an even more critical situation

Byron Messia, escapes serious injuries from a car accident he was involved in last week

Kittian dancehall sensation, Byron Messia, utilizes his recent publicized escape from serious injuries from a car accident last Saturday to maintain his momentum in the Dancehall space. In customary fashion, as with most artistes, he uses the opportunity to document his personal experience with his latest single titled ‘Emergency’.

Byron Messia creatively uses his now familiar melodic and lyrical prowess to describe moments from the car accident and the reason he was spared from a more critical situation; "A nuh my time yet dawg, can't lef mi mommy childless dawg", sings the 'Talibans' hitmaker. He further expressed that his life was in a real dangerous situation and adds another line, "and amount a blood weh mi lost dawg, blood pon hand, tell mi self seh mi soon gone", painting a realistic picture of the devastation at the accident’s scene.

In an effort to further maintain its realistic nature, the single is matched with a music video that contains footage showing the injuries that the 23-year-old artiste suffered. He is seen with bandages on his face while using medicative pills in an attempt to relieve the pain.

The beat created by the rising Trinidadian composer, ‘47 On Da Beat’, with this precise music video, re-living the intensity of the impact shows that the artiste’s escape is simply a miracle.

The rapper / deejay, after his electrifying performance at the Taboo Night Club in Kingston, was on his way to do the Montego Bay leg of the Club’s bookings the day after, where he met in the serious car accident that occurred in the Junction, St. Mary area.

The St. Kitts-based / Jamaican-born artiste has experienced meteoric success recently, with his catchy hit single, ‘Talibans’, surpassing 26 million views on YouTube while garnering hundreds of thousands more streams on all other digital streaming platforms worldwide.

Byron Messia, use his lyrical prowess to describe moments from the car accident (Jon Wallerston)


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