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Byron Messia and Lil Baby Teasing a Potential New Collaboration?

The 'Talibans' deejay and the American rapper were spotted during a studio session recording a new collaboration. Later, the rapper hinted at an impending release on his Instagram story

Lil Baby, to join forces with Byron Messia?

Amidst his ongoing feud with Teejay, it seems that the dancehall sensation Byron Messia is on his way to another international collaboration.

Messia teased a potential collaboration with American rapper Lil Baby on his Instagram account, as the two were seen working together in the studio. The American rapper expanded on their story by playfully teasing DJ 'Taliban' with the message, "I'm ready when you're ready," indicating their eagerness to release the single. Just recently, Lil Baby, in a viral clip, vibed to Messiah's colossal hit, "Talibans."

Byron Messia enjoys widespread support among top-tier rappers, primarily due to his smash hit that garnered international recognition and has accumulated 54 million views on YouTube to date. Recently, during a session with another American rapper, Meek Mill, he recorded his latest release titled 'Mad Dwags.' This came after the African sensation, Burna Boy, joined him for a 'Talibans' remix.

'Talibans' itself climbed to #22 on the Billboard charts in the R&B-Hip Hop category, marking its 15th consecutive week on the chart.

As mentioned, Messia has exchanged diss tracks with Teejay recently, indicating an ongoing tension between the two. It will be interesting to see if this marks the end of their feud.


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