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  • Akeeile Harris

Bugle's "Real Storm" with Chronic Law Climbs YouTube's Trending Charts

The single has risen to #7 on Jamaica's YouTube trending charts. Bugle praises Chronic Law's talent and humility: "One of the humblest artists I've worked with"

Bugle delivers powerful tracks. (Photo: Jamar Cleary)

Reggae dancehall recording artist Bugle finds himself once again at the top of the charts with his latest release, "Real Storm," featuring Chronic Law. The track, produced by Hungry Lion Records, was released on Friday, April 5th.

Both artists trade verses, delivering a powerful message as they always aim to do. The single has now reached #7 and #16 positions on the YouTube trending charts in Jamaica, appearing on both artists' pages.

Bugle praised Chronic Law's immense talent, stating, "Chronic Law is extremely talented. It's always a joy to collaborate with him; he's one of the humblest artists I've worked with."

Bugle's previous release, "Heart Too Clean," featuring Chaps, also created waves on the local scene with its powerful message. The singer expressed, "Making music with someone who is as passionate about music as you are is one of the greatest things for me."


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