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  • Akeeile Harris

Budding artist Idrae dropped Debut 5-Track EP "Dream"

The emerging artist unveiled debut project, featuring a collab with Mavado's daughter. The 5 singles were produced by Bread Moneynuff & Stocks An Bondz Records, as well as Skelly Dan

Idrae (L), is eager to fulfill his 'dream'

Up-and-coming artist Idrae has officially launched his musical journey with the release of his debut EP titled "Dream." Produced by Bread Moneynuff of Stocks An Bondz Records, this five-track project showcases Idrae's dedication to pursuing his dreams and making his moves in the Jamaican music industry.

The EP's leading single, "Dream," delves into themes of financial aspirations with its potent lyrics. The accompanying music video for "Dream" is now accessible on Idrae's VEVO channel, providing fans with a visual portrayal of the EP's captivating messages and emotions.

"Dream" comprises a selection of five tracks, one of which features a collaboration with Sky Dyemond, the daughter of dancehall star Mavado. This collaborative effort, titled 'Medz,' brings a fresh perspective to the EP, enriching Idrae's sonic landscape and artistic expression.

Each track showcases the emerging artist's adeptness in crafting lyrics that seamlessly meld with the beats. Songs like 'Big Fraud' and 'Lease,' co-produced by Skelly Dan, along with 'Approval,' highlight the diverse range of talent possessed by this young artist.

With "Dream," Idrae, who hails from the small community on Dung Kirk in Franklin town. sets out on a promising musical journey, demonstrating his talent, passion, and determination to succeed in the industry.


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