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Bob Marley's Grandson, King Cruff, Drops New Single 'Proppa Ghanda' as Tribute to Caribbean Music

Canadian-Jamaican artist King Cruff collaborates with Banx & Ranx on the vibrant track, released via Tuff Gong Collective/Universal Music Canada

King Cruff, drawing inspirations from the uncertainties of the pandemic (Photo: Adit Dixit)

Canadian-Jamaican artist King Cruff, grandson of Bob Marley, drops his latest single "Proppa Ghanda," featuring the multi-platinum producer/songwriter duo Banx & Ranx. The track is released through Tuff Gong Collective/Universal Music Canada, the country's premier music label.

"Banx & Ranx and I have this mutual love and connection to Caribbean music, and that became the basis of what we wanted this collaboration to be – an homage to that sound that we love so much, says King Cruff. "Lyrically, I was recounting the feelings I had felt during the pandemic and in its aftermath. There was so much uncertainty and it always felt like you were waiting to hear what else is coming around the corner. The essence of the song is just to question everything.”

Hailing from London, Ontario, King Cruff, born Solomon Marley-Spence, is the son of Stephanie Marley. Embracing the theme of duality, King Cruff intricately weaves layers within his music.

"We created this song during our very first session with King Cruff and it was the start of a strong friendship," added Banx & Ranx. “We were immediately inspired by Cruff’s songwriting style of taking Jamaican music into a new universe. so we blended some funk rhythms, disco grooves, electronic elements, and of course, heavy basslines, for a smooth, infectious melody alongside Cruff’s deep lyrics."

"Proppa Ghanda" is the second of King Cruff’s songs that Banx & Ranx have produced, following the dancehall/reggae track “FallbackK”, his collaboration with fellow Jamaican artist Runkus which was released earlier this year and named one of Billboard’s Reggae/Dancehall Fresh Picks of the Month.


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