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Billboard's Monthly Showcase Reignites Dancehall and Reggae's Global Passion

Dancehall Undergoes an Exciting Renaissance Toward Crossover Triumph: Byron Messia, Teejay, Valiant, Malie Donn, and Even Najeeriii Shine in Debut Column

L-R: Valiant, Najeeriii, Teejay, Byron Messia (Photo: Tejano Taylor, Jamar Cleary)

In recent years, the global prominence of dancehall and reggae appeared to be waning. However, a significant shift occurred with the introduction of Billboard magazine's latest monthly feature, "Reggae/Dancehall Fresh Picks of the Month." This column now serves as a beacon, spotlighting outstanding releases from the dynamic dancehall and reggae scenes.

Officially launched on a Thursday, this monthly showcase presents a carefully curated list of essential releases from both the reggae and dancehall genres.

"In recent years, following a relatively subdued period with few notable crossover hits from the region, several chart-topping records have emerged, drawing inspiration from contemporary interpretations of dancehall and reggae. Tracks like Byron Messia's 'Talibans,' Malie Donn's 'V6,' and Teejay's 'Drift' have made significant waves globally. Notably, this resurgence aligns with the worldwide dominance of reggaeton, a highly successful branch of dancehall's rich legacy," observed Billboard, acknowledging these impactful tunes that have resonated worldwide.

Billboard's comprehensive review extends to the most prominent songs within the dancehall and reggae realm, including "Slow Motion" by Bounty Killer, Cham, and Dexta Daps. Furthermore, Popcaan's "Nyqui" received recognition, and the emerging generation earned their due with mentions of Valiant and Skeng's latest release, "Loyal Gyal," and the burgeoning sensation Najeeriii, whose single "Like Bob" featuring Skippa garnered attention.

This development holds particular significance for Jamaican and Caribbean music culture. With Billboard's monthly column as a platform, it promises to introduce more names to the global music market, potentially facilitating cross-genre success month after month


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