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Big Ship Brothers, Stephen Di Genius and Chino are set to release 'The Sound of the Ship' EP

With the release of 'Look A Girl', while riding their recent successful performance at Reggae Sumfest ("It was one for the books, a historical moment")

Di Genius & Chino McGregor, riding their recent success (Jamar Cleary)

The Big Ship duo’s summer project is now imminent while riding the wave of their successful performance at Reggae Sumfest. The Brothers; Stephen Di Genius and Chino, are moving on to their next project 'The Sound of the Ship', which is a collaborative EP featuring both artistes, set to be released in the coming weeks.

The Jamaican-born-US-Based recording artistes just released their first single from the EP - 'Look A Girl', a sexy single targeting the natural summer vibes and beautiful ladies. The beat which was created by the heavyweight producer, Di Genius, combines dancehall instruments, accompanied by sexy visuals, creating this summer anthem. The comedic video features, Jamaican-born but US-based popular social media comedian, Dale Elliott.

"We are truly grateful for the outpouring of love and support for 'Look A Girl' from the fans, our industry peers and all the DJs playing it", Chino Mcgregor shared with Kaboom Magazine. “‘Look a girl' is part of an upcoming collaborative EP between myself and Stephen which will be released in a few weeks. I’m excited for everyone to receive this amazing body of work", he added.

The Big Ship duo unveiled the single during their recent appearance at the Sumfest festival when they performed it for the very first time on stage. "As for the 'Pre-captain' portion of the set, myself and Stephen just came out gunning, just intentionally performing our classics back to back / tune for tune, which was evidently well received and missed", the singer explained. "We took a risk by introducing a new song mid-set and that was also well received which indicated to us that everyone would appreciate the official release of 'Look a Girl',“ Chino humbly added.

Freddie McGregor receiving his Red Stripe Living Legend Award (Jamar Cleary)

The brothers both took part in the emotional and tears-filled set of their father, the reggae legend, Freddie McGregor’s Sumfest performance with the captain performing his most popular singles. After the performance, he was awarded the Red Stripe Living Legend award. "The Sumfest experience was amazing. Definitely one for the books. I think it’s safe to say we created a historical moment in time that will never be forgotten. We basically honored our father's wishes to be back on the stage regardless of the circumstances and we just played our part in ensuring the presentation and execution was at the magnitude that it ought to be", Chino expressed.

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