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Being Unapologetically Yourself: Joby Jay talks about her musical career

The Desire for worldwide accomplishments, released her latest EP release "Love Levels", big stages and the future dreams

Joby jay, a self-discovery process (Dacx Productions)

Women empowerment has played a vital role in today’s society. With women now gaining the respect they deserve in the music industry, we can’t deny its ability to pave the way for female artistes. It is no different for St. Ann native Joby Jay, who is living proof of women's empowerment in the music industry.

Known for her unforgettable Vybz Kartel medley performed at "Unplugged 2019", and winning awards such as "VM Wealth Breakthrough artist of the Year 2022", the 25-year-old Jamaican native has created her own path by being her authentic self. Being on stages with artists such as Chronixx, grammy winner Kabaka Pyramid, and trailblazer Nadine Sutherland, Joby has used her experiences to propel her musical career. Releasing her recent EP entitled, "Love Levels", when speaking with Kaboom Magazine, she detailed the creative direction of her newest project.

"I didn't really start with love as the main goal of my EP it was my experience from personal life events that influenced the shift in the direction of my music", she revealed. "I went through a breakup and it gave me a lot of self-discovery, I really learnt a lot about myself", she continued.

With a burning desire to connect with her fans through music, Joby discussed how her personal experiences will take her fans on a musical journey. "This EP is very personal, my music is not only what I go through but for this specific project, my personal experiences will show fans the stages of my love journey", Joby clarified.

Describing her sound as a mixture of Reggae, Jazz and Afrobeats, the rising artiste further explained the inspiration behind her sound. "I love music, I listen to fusions on a daily basis," she explained. "Whatever I listen to regularly, I try to incorporate it into my sound. Listening to artists such as Nina Simone, Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse has played a vital part in me identifying my sound", the St.Ann native continued.

Being no stranger to the big stages, the St. Ann native most recently performed at major events such as the "Lost in Time Festival" as well as "Skyline" alongside known artistes such as Naomi Cowan and Yaksta respectively. Continuing her discussion, Joby described the humbling feeling of her experience. "It’s always a humbling experience", she expressed. "To know I am being recognized for all my hard work is an honor. Just being on stage with Yaksta reminded me that people actually respect and believe in my craft", Joby added.

"I'm looking forward to being on the stage of Jazz & Blues as well as Reggae Sumfest" (Dacx Productions)

Making her mark in a male-dominated industry, Joby gave advice on how she handles the competition. "When I’m at work or an interview, I don't really think about trying to be on top", the young female explained. "I'm confident in what I bring to the table by being me. I show up to work and everyone knows that", she added.

In continuing to focus on her new body of work, the Edna Manley past student opened up about her desire to take her music to the next level. "Right now with my body of work, I want to tour and travel", she remarked. "I want this music to give me more opportunities to do philanthropic things, I’m looking forward to being on the stage of Jazz & Blues as well as Reggae Sumfest," she added.

As 2023 continues, the "Big Girl" connoisseur still wants to uplift her queens as she releases more visuals for her EP "Love Levels". Set to release more music videos, Joby hopes to continue in captivating her audience, especially through her live performances.

"Just being on stage with Yaksta reminded me that people actually respect and believe in my craft"


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