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"Bad From Mi Born", Munga Honorable birthday beach party is set to again ignite Port Maria

The "Nah Mad' deejay is set to host his birthday party featuring Bounty Killer, Laa Lee, Charly Black and more

His party is set to again ignite Port Maria (Jamar Cleary)

Pagee Beach in Port Maria, St.Mary was ignited last year with great performances by some of the most popular acts in the Dancehall fraternity at Munga Honorable’s birthday party. "Bad From Mi Born" returns this year on Friday, June 9, 2023 to the same venue with another stellar lineup including Bounty Killer, LaaLee, Charly Black, 10Tik, Pablo YG, Yaksta, Shane O, D'Yani, Tatik, Renne 6:30 and Munga Honorable himself, among others.

Munga Honorable, Born Damian Rhoden is most popularly known for numerous mega hits including: 'Bad From Mi Born', 'Nah Mad', & 'Own Ting', which are just a few from his extended catalogue.

The event is title sponsored by Campari Caribbean and executed by his record label, Hilltop Records.

"Bad From Mi Born And that's why mi gwaan so"

St. Mary being where Munga is from; his community of Islington has always displayed some of his greatest support. He celebrates his 43rd birthday with his family, coworkers, community and fans who are usually out in their numbers to support the 'Gangsta Ras' as he is most commonly called.


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