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All Around Player: To be dominate in every lane with a creative mindset

Photography, production, and a clothing line are only part of his businesses. Patrick "Patto" Phillips wants to be the "Bread Winner"

Patrick "Patto" Philip, a man of many hats (Snapp Ltd)

The Production Industry opens a world of vast opportunities daily. It is no different for Patrick "Patto" Phillips, producer, photographer, businessman and entrepreneur. Who is daily aiming to create a positive impact in Jamaica’s musical and business culture.

Speaking with Kaboom, Patto profusely expounded on his experience since being a part of the industry. "The experience has been good. It has brought me to a number of places building connections with people local and abroad", he explained. "I’ve learned that the change of environment impacts the type of music that is listened to and how well they are created", he further expressed.

Whilst the most popular riddims in the industry are crafted by trap dancehall music, he explained how he was able to identify his sound and musical genre in the industry. "I like afrobeats. I want to create more afrobeats and merge them with the amapiano (a subgenre of house music that emerged in South Africa) sounds. However, I have to work with what the crowd wants now", he expressed. "My intention is to do a lot more of these crossovers in the future, but my sound is Afro and dancehall", he continued.

Branding and expanding (Snapp Ltd)

Since his time in the music industry, Patto has managed the recording artiste, One Pong in which he has directed, videographer, and produced his songs. Most recently the pair released One Pong’s newest single "Bread Winner", which was co-produced and composed by YowPatto. With goals to expand his horizon of talents, Patto expressed his desire to one day manage other artists, "I currently manage One Pong however I aim to hopefully expand my brand into working with other artistes", he explained.

With some musical seasons being longer than others, Trap Dancehall has created the avenue for long-lasting trends in the music industry. Whilst continuing to express himself, Phillips explained how producers can "up their game". "If I retrieved the last ten hit songs in Jamaica they all sound similar", he added. "If you see it from a local view you would think it’s okay because the songs are popular. However, music is global and we shouldn’t limit ourselves to what we hear around us", he explained.

Garnering his knowledge and experiences, Phillips dipped his feet into the pond of Entrepreneurship in which he has successfully started multiple businesses. Expanding into the world of Production, it is without a doubt proven the numerous opportunities that arise daily in the industry. Patto went on to provide insight into the start-up of his marketing company, "SNAAP".

"I was at Utech in my third year and I had a gut feeling the path I was on would not lead to me fulfilling a purposeful life", he expressed."Not finishing college helped me to be self-sufficient and make income from my own resources. I started in Photography working with a photo company that helped me in understanding the high demand", he continued.

Mastering the high demand, Patto acknowledged the workload becoming larger and how it motivated him to expand his brand. "Despite Photography being my starting niche, Videography also became popular in demand", he explained. "I had to hire members to create a team of partners, editors and designers. With its success, I was then exposed to more business ventures that inspired me to create a marketing company", he added.

A professional juggler, he continues to surpass the expectations of his peers as he strategically finds different ways to earn income daily. Finding his lane in clothing couture, Patto went on to give a brief insight on the upcoming clothing brand "YaadWay".

"Yaadway" clothing brand catalog

"My goal is to export Jamaican culture explaining its relation to African History", he explained. "Most of our population are of African descent, we want to represent a powerful Africa, helping others to connect with their spiritual journey", he further added.

Understanding that balancing many roles at times may be tedious, the young entrepreneur expressed his ability to cope with managing all his success at once. “I think I have a slight instance of ADHD however, depending on its use it feels like a superpower", he jokingly explained. "I like trying new things. It gets exciting because I create everything. It's not like a burden or a job", he continued.

Describing himself as "unique", Patto expounded on seeing long-lasting value in all his endeavors. "I see growth in them all. I always see value and longevity", he explained. “"They are lucrative industries and I do believe there's room for growth. Even with music the growth is limitless", he concluded.and I do believe there's room for growth. Even with music the growth is limitless”, he concluded. Focusing on his recognition in the music industry, Patrick is set to deliver a new dancehall riddim featuring a track with dancehall front-runner, Tommy Lee sparta which is set to be released soon.

"Not finishing college helped me to be self-sufficient and make income from my own resources"


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