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  • Akeeile Harris

Prod.Carterr: A Rising Star Shaping Dancehall's Future

The young composer is on an ongoing journey of growth, offering praise to Kraff ("unique talent in crafting sharp punch lines"), and also has ambitious aspirations for the future

Prod.Carterr, the future of dancehall beats

The era of technology and social networks has brought about significant changes in the music industry, not only for emerging artists but also for the rise of young producers. While many producers often work behind the scenes, they play a pivotal role in crafting the beats and soundscapes that underpin today's chart-topping hits.

One such rising force in the music industry is Carter-Daniel Wilson, widely recognized as Prod.Carterr. He has been instrumental in shaping the dancehall genre, contributing to several contemporary hits, including 'Speed Off' by Valiant, among others. Currently, he is lending his talents to the upcoming EP of dancehall artist Kraff, having composed the single 'Risk' for the Dynasty Global label. "Kraff has a distinct way of writing with sharp punch lines and melodic flows. To me, he captivates the audience's attention well with his constant diversity," Carter spoke highly of Kraff's unique songwriting style. "With the track 'Risk' featured on his upcoming EP, I, as a composer, pushed myself out of my comfort zone to further elevate Kraff's artistry," he shared.

In addition to his collaboration with Kraff, Prod.Carterr has left his mark on a plethora of dancehall hits, working with a range of artists, including Teejay, Skeng, Ymo G, SVM, Valiant, Skippa, Bakersteez, Jetti, and Ai Milly, to name just a few.

Remarkably, this talented producer has achieved considerable success in the industry and shows no signs of slowing down. He reflects on his journey, saying, "My growth in the dancehall industry has been slow and steady. I am content with where I am, but I continue to work diligently to reach my desired position. The industry has its ups and downs, but it's the love, passion, and unwavering support from my fans that keep propelling me forward."

Carter has garnered recognition from artistes for his body of work, and the support keeps pouring in. "A year before my breakthrough track 'Speed Off,' I manifested having a hit, and a close friend of mine, Lando, reshared the message. And a year and a day after, it has amassed over 10 million streams on all digital streaming platforms", He excitedly shared.

Carter, Grammy aspirations on his horizon

In terms of his approach to collaborations, Carter prefers to keep his circle small, working with composers such as Mxssivh, Deemo, Waysett, Panda, Beenz, and Sabaster, while collaborating with artists like Teejay, Kraff, SVM, and Bakersteez, among others.

Looking to the future, this budding composer has ambitious plans to leave his mark on the dancehall scene by bringing a fresh, international sound to the genre. He believes he can achieve this vision with his team, 'Outta Door,' and by collaborating with overseas artists to produce tracks independently.

As the music industry continues to evolve, young talents like Carter aim for the highest accolades. "My dream for the future is to bring a new dancehall, an international sound to dancehall and I believe I can achieve this with my team 'Outta Door', to also work with overseas artists and produced tracks on my own", he said with dreams of Grammy nominations and more. He confidently stated, "A Grammy nomination is a significant milestone on the path to achieving greater production heights. While I may not be at that level yet, I'm working towards it, and a Grammy is definitely a goal for the near future."

Finally, Carter, deeply involved in the vibrant dancehall industry, offered recommendations on which emerging talents to watch out for. " I suggest you keep your eyes on Mxssiavh, Mugs, Jetti & Bakersteez", he recommended as those names are poised to make significant contributions to the genre's evolution.


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