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Yard Mas Carnival Signs Rebel and Ding Dong for Road March 2024

Yard Mas elevates Jamaica's Carnival scene by enlisting Rebel and Ding Dong, as official brand ambassadors for the 2024 Carnival season

L-R: Andrew Bellamy, Managing Director of Yard Mas Carnival, and Dania Beckford, Director of Yard Mas Carnival, pose with Dancehall Trendsetters Rebel and Ding Dong

Yard Mas is revolutionizing Jamaica's Carnival scene by appointing dancing trendsetters Rebel and Ding Dong as official brand ambassadors for the 2024 carnival season. This dynamic collaboration marks a significant step forward, showcasing Yard Mas' dedication to delivering an authentic Jamaican experience during their carnival road march, now in its second year.

Dancer-turned-artist, Ding Dong left a lasting impression at Yard Mas Carnival's debut in 2023. Meanwhile, Rebel's viral dance routines, set to top dancehall tracks, earned her overseas bookings and established her as one of last year's most prominent local dancers. Now, as brand ambassadors, they're poised to inject the carnival scene with their vibrant energy.

"We welcome the collaboration between Rebel and Ding Dong as their infectious energy and undeniable talent embodies the essence of Yard Mas Carnival. This partnership represents a seamless fusion of Jamaican dancing culture with the exhilarating soca road march experience that Yard Mas is already know for", said Andrew Bellamy, Managing Director of Yard Mas at the official signing of both ambassadors on Thursday, March 13.

L-R: Andrew Bellamy, Managing Director of Yard Mas with Rebel & Dong Dong

"We do things different with our local culture at the core of our entertainment package. It is collaborations like this that influence masqueraders here and abroad to mark their calendars every year to participate in carnival in Jamaica;" Bellamy continued.

Yard Mas Carnival offers an air-conditioned lunch and dinner stop featuring top DJs from Jamaica, the Caribbean, and North America. Combined with premium drinks from the band's title sponsor, Campari, and a diverse range of local food options, it creates an unforgettable road march experience. Adding to the excitement, Yard Mas Carnival recently revealed that Mical Teja, Trinidad and Tobago’s 2024 Soca Road March Winner, will be part of their live performance lineup.


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