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XTM Nation preserves the legacy with a special request

XTM Nation’s furthers the label’s rich legacy of merging the old and new with a fresh project including songs from Morgan & Dyani

Remus, Maintains the legacy

For a long time, the public has lamented the lack of essential riddim projects that amplified the potency of the 90's golden age. Just like in the 90s when Xterminator largely re-energized the local reggae sound within the digital production space, they are still here pushing that same line with their latest project Special Request.

Literally, back by popular demand, Special Request is a vibrant, soulful, groovy but most importantly cultural puzzle that features veteran artists like Morgan Heritage alongside promising young acts like Dyani. This new offering from the XTM Nation label is released on February 10th.

With four tracks in its initial release, this Riddim project is kicked off by the lead single, 'Just A Number', by Morgan Heritage, scheduled for release on the 27th of January and distributed by VP Records.

Dyani also jump into the project and demonstrated expertise and skill on his single 'Live A Little', followed by Medisun’s 'Take You Home' and Natel's 'Island In Your Sea'.

This XTM Nation release by Kareem ‘Remus’ Burrell is in fact a continuation of the legacy set out by his father Philip ‘Fatis’ Burrell, who had a similar ambition of mixing older traditions within the sounds and narratives of the music with a fresh perspective.


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