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We remember Jo Mersa: two years since the release of "Eternal"

Jo Mersa, leaving a lasting impact on the music industry

Review: We take a look at the artistry of the late reggae singer, who tried to carry on the Marley legacy

It’s been two years since the release of Jo Mersa's EP "Eternal" (which was released May 20, 2021), an opportune time to pay tribute to his artistry as a musician.

Following the footsteps of his grandfather; Reggae Legend, Bob Marley and as a son of Stephen Marley, Jo Mersa had the desire to carry on the most famous legacy, being marked as the leading face of the Marley new generation. "I want to do something new with my roots", he previously stated.

On this 7-track project, he wanted to fulfill that dream. His evident genetic songwriting was revealed in the topics that he covered, integrated into beats that consist of a blend of roots reggae, reggae fusion, dancehall and some afrobeat influences.

The rythyms and flows are well synchronized on the collaborative tracks; "Yo Dwag", which features dancehall superstar, Busy Signal as well as with the most recent Reggae Grammy-winner, Kabaka Pyramid on "Made It".

"Made It" is the brainchild of Jo Mersa, stepping outside of the moniker of a Marley, to look through the lens of an artist who had to work multiple jobs to feed his musical passion or provide for a family.

His energy and great potential are evident, while surely reminding you of the renowned voices of the Marleys and echoed in a wonderful way on the single "Guess Who's Coming Home". He also joined forces with fellow ‘Ghetto Youths International’ protege, Black Am I, for the song, "No Way".

Through his dedication to hard work, he aimed to solidify the Marley legacy; Jo Mersa's purpose-driven vision had come to reality on this project. He began to write music in middle school and released his debut EP titled "Comfortable" in 2014. He passed away on December 27, 2022 at the age of 31, leaving a lasting impact on the music industry.

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