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Waggy Tee talks history and sends a wake-up call to the dancehall industry

King Waggy Tee’s longevity, industry impact & staying current with his Waggy Tee Movement Sound members; Diego Don & Bad Boy Rue.

Waggy Tee & Diego Don, staying relevant for many years

Led by the legendary King Waggy Tee; whose career has now surpassed four decades, Waggy Tee Movements have been able to remain at the helm of the Dancehall & Reggae scene.

The sound system is based in Southwest Miami, Florida in the United States of America and can be heard dominating not only events worldwide, but also on commercial radio powerhouse; '99 Jamz Miami'. Waggy Tee is widely regarded as the 'King of Reggae' in South Florida and is the first Jamaican to ever get an entire day dedicated to them in the states - 'Waggy Tee Day', which the city of Mirmar proclaimed for the January 18 date as a result of his musical exploits during his entire career.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica’s capital, Andre Chue Sang (Waggy Tee) migrated to South Florida and have been religiously on 99 Jamz every Friday night for the Bashment Explosion show. His expertise in the culture have led him to being regularly acting as A&R to major US-Based Labels looking to acquire local talents.

"I’ve been playing sound system for 45 years and still relevant in this business for a reason"

He is increasingly concerned about the quality of Dancehall production at the moment as he stated; "The state of dancehall is in trouble as the Majors are looking for the real authentic dancehall beat vibes with an updated style, 'Trap Dancehall', most Majors say, sounds too close to their Hip Hop-Trap Sound and they are not going to sign or promote a sound that they already have with their artistes. Why sign a Dancehall artiste or song that sounds similar to what they already have".

He went on to state that he is not fighting the sound but alluded to the fact that we have to be different and stay true to the culture if we want to increase or signing numbers.

"I’ve been playing sound system for 45 years and on the #1 Hip Hop R&B radio station and still relevant in this business for a reason", he added.

The circle of the Waggy Tee Movements sound Diego Brown known more popularly as Diego Don is currently one of the front runners on the sound system and also plays alongside "The King" & Bad Boy Rue, not only at events but also on the radio. The multitalented MC/DJ/Producer is poised to carry on the King’s legacy and is heavily invested in promoting Dancehall & Reggae from South Florida.

He also hails from the island of Jamaica, based in Miami; is widely known to introduce local talents to his mainstream radio audience. He readily professes the advantages of having Waggy Tee as his mentor and aims to follow in his illustrious footsteps.

"His experience and knowledge of the culture & industry on a worldwide level helps to enhance me as young veteran that is inspired to becoming one of the most impactful DJ, A&R and producer in the business”.

Diego Don, brings his influence to the industry

Diego’s impact on the culture has been colossal as he has helped to break many of the biggest singles from Dancehall & Reggae by some of the most popular artistes & producers including; Masicka, Yaksta, Munga Honorbale, Teejay and Damage Musiq, PapiDon Musiq respectfully, just to name a few.


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