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  • Akeeile Harris

Virgin Islander Pumpa Embraces Growing Success of 'The A List'

US Virgin Islands Groovy Soca Monarch Pumpa earns international acclaim as his hit single 'The A List' tops charts and captivates audiences worldwide

Pumpa, putting the Virgin Islands on the Map

Dennis 'Pumpa' Liburd, hailing from the US Virgin Islands, has been making waves in the Soca music scene with his chart-topping single 'The A List.' This infectious track has become a go-to favorite for female party-goers, gaining remarkable traction on various streaming platforms since its release.

'The A List' has garnered over 330,000 streams on Spotify, reaching the number one position on Reggae charts in the British Virgin Islands in May 2023 and Austria in August 2023. Additionally, it has peaked at the top in 24 countries on Apple Music and iTunes.

Pumpa, a seasoned entertainer born in Saint Kitts, was crowned St. Croix's Groovy Soca Monarch in 2023, a title he had previously held. With nearly two decades of experience in singing, writing, and performing, he has toured extensively across the Caribbean, USA, and Europe. Pumpa's electrifying performances set him apart from his peers, leaving a lasting impact on audiences. He proudly notes, "Even when performing for unfamiliar crowds, I consistently receive feedback about the incredible energy and excitement my performances bring."

Pumpa's recent performance at the highly anticipated Stink and Dutty event during Miami Carnival created a frenzy among the audience, capturing the essence of his hit song with resounding cheers and celebration. As Pumpa's influence continues to expand, Shazam, the renowned music recognition app, listed 'The A List' at #131 on the top 200 chart in Trinidad on October 11th, signaling that the song is well-received but may require further recognition for the artist and track.

While entertaining audiences worldwide, Pumpa remains dedicated to exploring new markets and is actively working on fresh musical contributions for St. Croix's upcoming Carnival season.


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