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  • Akeeile Harris

Vigilant Aims to Make Waves with His Latest Release 'Don't Cry'

The emerging talent from the North Coast has dropped a single filled with profound messages, giving credit to his mentor Skelly Dan and expressing hopes for a breakthrough in 2024

Rising Talent Vigilant

Jamaica's picturesque north coast, Ocho Rios, has nurtured several musical talents over the years. One artist starting his way in the industry is the dancehall artist Vigilant, who seeks a breakthrough hit and has recently released the single "Don't Cry," produced by Poohdan Records in collaboration with Caado Beatz & Wintek Generation.

In a poignant revelation, Vigilant shares that his latest song, "Don't Cry," is dedicated to a 9-year-old assault victim in St. Ann. Beyond addressing this tragic incident, the track also serves as a message of solidarity for all mothers facing similar challenges, particularly in honor of Talia Thompson's mother.

The 19-year-old artist, born Delroy Palmer, discloses that the rising producer Skelly Dan played a crucial role in shaping his career. "Most people don’t know about Skelly; he teaches me most of the strategies I’m using now. He always wants to see good for young talent," he praised his mentor.

Both artists collaborated on a few projects before Vigilant's latest release. Singles like 'Dark Dayz' & 'Bang E Line' have garnered over 70k views on YouTube. "To be honest, that’s where I started taking the music to the next level," he shared.

Describing his style as soulful and mindful, he expressed, "Well, I do music from my heart so people can relate to what I have to say, and maybe I can leave an impact on their daily life. This song has a lot of potential for a breakthrough; the sky is unlimited," the rising talent added.

As Vigilant looks ahead to 2024, he expresses optimism for his burgeoning career, citing the year as a promising chapter in his musical endeavors.

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