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Vanessa Bling tied souls with D'yani for a new single

The female dancehall star teamed up with the talented reggae singer for a new love story release titled, 'Soul Tied'

Vanessa Bling, Known for her female anthems (Rickayla Mcneil, Kaboom Media)

Dancehall star Vanessa Bling known for her numerous female anthems has teamed up with reggae crooner, D'yani for a sultry single titled 'Soul Tied'.

Produced by Damage Music, 'Soul Tied' gives listeners a warm, sultry serenade about a romance that leads to a lifelong connection. In this new duet, the couple reminisces on their circumstance, something many listeners relate to. It’s this proud feeling of knowing you’ve connected in real depth with someone who will forever be a part of your life.

The Single released on Friday, February 10th via ONErpm distribution, has garnered attention via social media since shared by Vanessa Bling on her various media pages.

Although this collaboration may surprise some, Vanessa and Dyani are known for their unique blending of reggae, dancehall, and R&B to create vibrant stories of love.

Vanessa Bling (previously known as Gaza Slim), with such great hits as 'One Man', 'Independent Ladies' and 'Everything Fi Hold Him' complements D'yani's musical theme with hits like 'Letter', 'Feelings' and 'Senorita'.

Together they speak to different generations, about a unique subject of love in Jamaican music, a topic not many artists are committed to. Love is an essential theme of the human experience and both artists have shown, through their discography, the many aspects of life in which relationships and feelings play out. From the boundaries of friendship to the depths of family and last but not least, romance.

This new track is a groovy-sounding, melodic, captivating hook, which will resonate throughout the hearts and ears of many. The vocal delivery accompanied by great songwriting has 'Soul Tied' being called an early summer banger.

D'yani, such a romantic singer (Jamar Cleary)


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