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Thankful & Gifted: Blvk H3ro on the rise

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Artiste talks about Grammy Nomination (“ haven’t fully wrapped my mind around it”), and the highs and lows of the musical journey

Blvk Hero, my dream to make music is legit and can change my life (courtesy of BHM)

The 65th Annual Grammy Awards is only just a few weeks away and a number of Jamaican acts are on the ballot in various categories. Among them is rising Reggae Star, Blvk H3ro (Black Hero ).

The young Jamaican artiste is nominated in the Best Global Music Performance category for the song 'Neva Bow Down' and while speaking with Kaboom Magazine, he shared his excitement about the nomination and all that he is looking forward to in the upcoming year musically.

“I still haven’t fully wrapped my mind around what this means. It was unexpected, at least right now. I’ve always been singing in my lyrics that I’m going to be a Grammy nominee but when it actually happened, I was honestly shocked, but that goes to show the power of the word sound. It’s my first nomination but so far just the love and calls and messages from my peers, my island, my family, and even people I don’t even know, it feels like a gift from Jah just to be heard and seen by my peers, and to hear fans say I deserve it is also a very good feeling”, he expressed.

“Yesterday’s price is not today’s price! And I mean that to say that this dream called Blvk H3ro, this idea that popped into my head at one of my lowest moments in life, is real and now the world takes it seriously. It means that my dream to make music is legit and can change my life and my family’s life. It motivates me to keep making music and get better and be better to represent myself and my country on the highest level ever”, H3ro continued on how his life would change if he won the award.

A fan of artists such as Stephen Marley, Steele Pulse, Jai Paul, Rick Ross, and Bunny Wailer, it is clear that he is well in tune with his music and that is shown in his authentic vibe on any track including the Grammy Nominated collab with Ghanaian musician, Rocky Dawuni.

“That was a blessed connection with Rocky Dawuni that actually happened a long time ago, but we didn’t get to complete the ideas until by coincidence we ended up in Los Angeles art at the same time this year. Rocky is a real-life African diplomat and musical ambassador that has been making a great impact with his works so it was an honor for him to invite me, a likkle Jamaican youth, to collaborate with him and spread this powerful message. And again, Jah said it was our time and blessed us with a Grammy nomination. It was such a surreal experience and taught me to appreciate every opportunity and every moment”, he shared.

The journey wasn't easy, but now the future is promising a lot

But like any great journey, there were a few roadblocks along the way. H3ro has spent many years working on his craft and learning the music business. With tracks such as 'Cool Runnings', 'It Nuh Easy', and 'Feet Don’t Fail', it is hard to imagine that he had once felt like giving up on music.

"I only ever thought about quitting once in my life and looking back at that moment it would have been a foolish choice, but at the time it felt like it made perfect sense. All the time you will hear musicians talk about they are getting a ‘fight’ and it’s really just talking about all the obstacles we have to overcome just to get outside for the world to experience our art. So, in my musical journey, there was a point where it started to feel like whenever I made one step forward something happened to set me back a few steps. It’s always been bittersweet for me. Like I’ll be on TV and radio in the spotlight but in my personal life, there’s a big storm brewing", he candidly shared.

Overcame difficulties throughout the career (Nicole Visions)

“Sometimes you hear about artists saying they felt like quitting music but I was really close to deleting everything and giving up at the same time Jah connected me with TroubleMekka Music and during one very emotional recording session I poured my heart out into a song we created called ‘Thankful’. That song sparked another moment in my career and things just fell into place like it was meant to be that way. I’ve now been on tour in the US since May 2022 and the dates keep coming”, he continued.

He started his professional career in 2016 even though, like many Jamaican artiste, he fell in love with the music in church. Hailing from a humble beginning in Waterford, Portmore, the multifaceted singjay is a testament to going relentlessly after your goals.

Committed to always improving and staying prepared, this year is very personal for H3ro as he is putting a keen focus on self-development.

“Currently I’m working on Me. I’m also on a mission and working on a musical project that will move mountains. Stay tuned”, he said. Fans can look out for more “100% Jamaican Dope Sauce” music from the artiste in 2023.


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