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Valiant and Shaneil Muir Join Forces for "Paradox" by Traptive Music

Dancehall stars Valiant and Shaneil Muir team up for an exciting collaboration on 'Paradox,' produced by Traptive Music. "Talent is nothing without dedication and discipline", said producer Troy

L-R: Shaneil Muir, Troy of Traptive Music & Valiant (Photo: Rickayla Mcneil)

The burgeoning producer Troy Diplomats, the creative mind behind Traptive Music, is set to launch a new captivating single titled, "Paradox" featuring dancehall stars Valiant and Shaneil Muir. This collaboration marks their first collabortaion together. Anticipation is high for this dynamic track, slated for release at the start of May.

Speaking about the duo, he emphasized, "Talent is nothing without dedication and discipline, which they both have."

His previous production endeavors include the track "Corruption" by Valiant, which has amassed an impressive 1.2 million views to date. Additionally, he contributed co-production to the track "Inna Di Trap" by Pablo YG featuring Sassaine Music.

Reflecting on his collaboration with Valiant, who his childhood friend, Troy noted, "He’s consistent with his work. He also tries to add a different flavor to the music industry with each song that he writes."

Troy also revealed his ongoing projects, including with Valiant and also artists rising artistes like Cashan, Letta Boss, and several up-and-coming talents.


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