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Fill the lawn: SoundFEST for all Jamaicans comes to the big city

The annual Bass Odyssey event is expanding and comes for another edition in Kingston on February 25 at Sabina Park in Kingston. 8 sounds and attractive prices will make up a super intriguing event

Every average Jamaican is invited to the event

The biggest sound system event comes to Kingston city on Saturday, February 25, 2023. SoundFEST under the tagline '#ThisIsDancehall' will feature Jamaica’s most prolific sound system music machines, international soundclash names, and dancehall superstars.

Bass Odyssey Entertainment in partnership with GKG Entertainment - the production house behind the 90s hit event series - which is answered the call to bring a premium dancehall package to Jamaicans.

"Quality and affordability", are the two most important aspects touted by GKG CEO, Gyete Ghartey. "Dancehall is fun and a show must be entertaining. This is SoundFEST. That is it", Ghartey stated.

the big soundfest event traveling to the big city

The goal is to "fill the lawn" with dancehall's most loyal supporters, the average Jamaican, who can purchase tickets for only 2000JMD in pre-sold. At the event that will be held at Sabina Park in Kingston, VIP and cabanas are also offered, which will also be available as the event caters to all lovers of our music and culture.

“Wherever you stand up in Sabina Park, the vibes can’t miss”, says Yaniq Walford, Managing Director for Bass Odyssey, affirming that the music and production package will be the best money ever spent on a dancehall show.

"Sound System is at the heart of our music culture. We bring this experience across the globe stamping our Jamaican footprint. I personally see it as a duty to invest in Jamaica as the mecca of sound system culture. Witness the spectacle of sound systems stringing up, and the beauty of amps, speakers, and tweeters tuned to play our musical arrangements and instruments. SoundFEST is ‘thee event’ to fully immerse in our authentic music culture from ska, rocksteady, reggae, dancehall, and a mix of everything else Jamaicans enjoy listening to. The show is for the people', Walford added.

8 big sound, One Lawn at Sabina Park

SoundFEST is also for the culture. As Oneil Miles, Swatch International CEO puts it, "it's about where we coming from, where we are now, and where we are heading in 2023 and beyond".

8 Big sounds in 1 big lawn. This lineup features winners of the biggest soundclashes around the world in 2022 and local household brands to be released gradually over the next week.

There will also be 15 minutes of fame social media DJ competition for upcoming DJs to showcase their skills. The finalists get a chance to ‘buss the dance’ on the biggest sound system event platform in the world.


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