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Skeng ‘Beast Of The Era’ EP Launch

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

The high anticipation is over. Coming hot off the heels of his Billboard charting single with Nicki Minaj earlier this year, Dancehall artiste, Skeng, delivers his debut EP, ‘Beast of the Era’.

Finding himself at the forefront of Jamaica’s new generation of dancehall artists: bringing a unique voice and perspective, and a rabid fanbase that runs up his videos into millions of views within days.

The EP includes 6 tracks produced by ‘Rvssian’, ‘DropTop Records’ and his home label, ‘Di Truth Records’ and also productions from his childhood friend/producer, John Coop (John Coop Records).

Skeng shows a gifted Rolex that he gets from Rvssian (Jamar Cleary)

"Skeng is the future" (Jamar Cleary)

A mixture of rhythmic songs and such on the border of trap-dancehall features one of Jamaica’s biggest stars, Shenseea, on the sultry and engaging track “It’s True”.

In The EP launch which was held in Di Lot Club, Kingston, Jamaica, Skeng was greatly appreciated when, among other things, he received a Rolex watch from the producer and one of the people responsible for the album, Russian. the event was led by יןד manager, Cara (Showtime Bookings) and moderated by the top selector, Boom Boom, while some of the hottest acts in the dancehall scene, such as Valiant, Kraff, 450 alongside Skeng himself performed.

As Nicki Minaj testified, “Skeng is the future. No one is a bigger Skeng fan than me”.


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