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Singing sensation D’Yani set to perform at ‘Hyundai Worlds Collide’

The 'Feelings' singer to perform at an interactive art show set to take place on August 24: “Art is a vehicle that connects people, communities and cultures"

Dyani (L), the vocal sensation (Jamar Cleary)

Worlds Collide is an interactive art show curated by Hi Esteem Agency which includes visual art, DJs and live music. This year’s staging on August 24 ,2023 features four of Jamaica’s best modern visual artists namely; Stefan Amali, Brittne Murray, Gabrielle Murdock and Tajae Pringle. Patrons can expect musical selections by Zj Chrome, Dj Powa, Troy Findzi and Dj Zyah Reds.

Vocal sensation D’yani is the headline performer with his live band set highly anticipated. His modern dancehall classic; Feelings (Remix) featuring Jada Kingdom has now hit 22 million views on YouTube and similar to the Hyundai brand, he is poised to increase his irrefutable command over the Jamaican market.

"D’Yani, is an artist that I’m proud to say I discovered in 2008. We were in high school at the time and we both represented Wolmer’s Boys School as footballers. I literally was walking past the pipe and heard him singing while he was washing his face in between classes and I knew in that very moment, he has a voice that would change the world. It’s amazing to be able to perform with him 15 years later and even more amazing that we remained friends”, stated Stefan Ricardo Bowes, C.E.O & Interactive Art Director for Hi Esteem Agency.

With this being its second staging, Hyundai has partnered with the Agency as title sponsor for the event and under the guidance of commercial manager Etmour Williams, Hyundai Jamaica has seen tremendous growth in its brand equity and cultural relevance in recent times. The commitment to a modern premium vehicle calibre, has now expanded beyond just the machines and is now establishing a strong lifestyle element to the brand In Jamaica.

"Art is a vehicle that connects people, communities and cultures. This event is a testament that when different cultures, ideas, synergies and artistic expressions collide, something extraordinary is born. Hyundai Jamaica is passionate about celebrating the fusion of creativity and innovation, just as our vehicles embody a harmonious blend of design, technology, and performance. By partnering with World Collides, we are not only aligning with a platform that shares our values but also creating a unique space where the art landscape of Jamaica can flourish into something bigger. The World Collides Artshow encapsulates these very principles, bringing together various artists to converge and create something truly magical”, Williams excitedly shared.


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