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Rock the world: Meet the young producer Rockit Muzik

The Spanish Town-based talent talks about his thoughts of giving up, the moment that changed everything, his success with Rajahwild, and eyes more big projects

Rockit Muzik, Another wonderkid emerged in the dancehall industry (Wane Fearon)

As the world experiences this digital age, there are more options than ever to aid wonder kids in the dancehall industry.

A few particularly good players have joined the dancehall space that have emerged in recent years and we continue to highlight such prospects – the young talented producer, Rockit (Born Kimval Nashan Foster) better known as Rockit Muzik.

"Life was rough in the beginning when I hadn’t discovered my talent but I was always looking for a way to change my life. On one of my darkest days, I found my purpose, which was music", describes the 22-year-old talent. "I really decided to enter the world of production during the pandemic. I had stopped going to school and one day I found an old laptop and took a try at making my first beat, I never turned back from there", he further added.

"There was a time that I was on the verge of giving up on music" (Wane Fearon)

In a relatively short career so far for the young producer, he experienced some difficult times but continued to believe in his goal. "There was a time that I was on the verge of giving up on music and one day I was taken by surprise when I came across a video of Valiant freestyling on one of my beats. That really gave me a feeling I’ve never felt before and gave me the drive I needed at that time to keep pushing in this industry", the Spanish Town native revealed.

Since then, his dreams started slowly becoming reality, as he started working with some popular dancehall artistes such as; Jahmiel, RajahWild, Marksman, Topmann, Joegrime and Armanii, while learning a lot by working with emerging producers like DJ Mac and Topalone.

Rockit, who is also known for the intro tag "Yo Rockit", tries to take his own sound to his beat-making process stemming from his experience gained as a youngster. "As a teenager, I started playing the drums but I didn’t continue that for very long. Nowadays people say that the drums in my beats ‘knock hard’ so I guess my short experience drumming had a positive impact on my skills as a producer", he told Kaboom Magazine.

One of his most standout projects so far, is the single; ‘Powder’ by rising dancehall artiste, Rajahwild which was released 3 months ago and racked up 2.6 million views on YouTube to date. "Rajah is an intriguing talent because of his unique sound and his creativity. So, between the beat that I made and Rajah’s unique talent, ‘Powder’ was destined for success. Especially when you consider the lyrics, it made people stop and think “Weh him just say?", he expressed.

One of the major arguments in the dancehall world these days, aside from the development and structure of many young musicians, is the lack of authentic Dancehall-sounding beats. "Everything has its time, trap is just the new sound for now and we have to embrace it and appreciate it while it lasts since it won’t be here forever. New sounds will always come around as a result of all the creative minds in Dancehall", Rockit reasoned.

"I’m working with many new artists and dropping many projects in the near future. Stay tuned", the ambitious talent said when asked to comment on the controversial topic of preserving Dancehall’s authentic sound.

aiming for international recognition (Wane Fearon)

Rockit Muzik is currently impacting the local scene but doesn't want to be identified with a certain genre, and prefers to be a diverse music producer with aspirations to also be recognized on an international level. "Global recognition is something I dream to achieve. I need a Diamond plaque before I leave this earth", he stated in his closing statement.


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