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Reggae-Fusion Giants Magic! Set to Unleash New Single 'Good Feeling About You"

After sealing the deal with ONErpm, the acclaimed Canadian band is ready to release their debut single from the forthcoming album

Candian Band, Magic! (Photo: ONErpm/Publicity)

Canadian band 'Magic!', famous worldwide for their 2014 chart-topper 'Rude'—is set to drop their latest single, "Good Feeling About You," on Friday, January 19. This marks the band's maiden release since signing with ONErpm, the global music developer, and serves as the opening track for MAGIC!'s upcoming album, "Inner Love Energy."

The reggae fusion giants' new single seamlessly blends nostalgia with innovation, introducing fresh sounds while staying true to their musical roots. The lyrics beautifully express the transformative power of a special person in our lives, crafting a melodic ode to the profound impact of "human connection."

“We’re so excited to finally be sharing this song. It feels like we really found this perfect balance. ‘Good Feeling About You’ is about the way someone very special makes you feel, the way they make you brighter and lighter”, the band explains, making sure to add on: “But it’s not a love song, it’s a human connection song. We all need these people in our lives! Hang on to them if you find one!”

The new track also kickstarts the releases of the canadian band, in preparation for their future album, “Inner Love Energy”, that is coming out still this year. The project, besides being their first inside ONErpm, is also MAGIC!’s first album after the release of “Expectations”, their last project, released in 2018.

Last year, in order to start this next chapter, MAGIC! signed with the global musical developer ONErpm, which will be responsible for their future projects. The contract was made through the company’s office in Portugal, but it'll be a global operation – about this, the singer Nasri points out that he’s very glad to work with the ONE’s team.

"We’re very excited to work with ONErpm, because it’s rare to find a team as passionate about music as we are. Nuno [Rocha, head of the company’s portuguese office] and the Portugal team have been treating MAGIC! as a family would”, Nasri tells.

The Canadian band has joined the roster of artists represented by ONErpm's Portuguese office, becoming one of their initial global acts within just a year of the office's establishment. Led by Nuno Rocha, the Portuguese office has been instrumental in supporting both local artists and prominent figures from Portuguese-speaking regions such as Angola, Mozambique, and Cape Verde.

Notable artists under ONErpm's umbrella include Angolan singer Chelsea Dinorath, who, in collaboration with ONErpm, has amassed nearly 200 thousand monthly Spotify listeners and gained substantial attention on YouTube.


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