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Patrice Roberts Sheds Light on Anxiety Struggles in Newest Music Release

The Trinidadian soca star dropped a fresh single, baring his soul about navigating through anxiety and mental challenges

Patrice Discusses Real Life Battle With Anxiety Through Music

Soca female star Patrice Roberts has unveiled her new track with a pulsating 160 beats per minute, inspired by her personal battle with anxiety. Mental health challenges are rarely broached in music, particularly in the realm of Soca. Despite the daunting nature of the topic, Patrice is leveraging her passion for music to shed light on the shared struggles faced by many around the world.

During a studio session dedicated to reviewing song pitches, Patrice, visibly in a somber mood, found herself unable to provide feedback. This prompted those present to inquire about her well-being. In that moment, with teary eyes, Patrice disclosed that she was grappling with a "tough day controlled by anxiety." Encouraged by the group to open up further, a songwriting session unfolded. The creative ensemble comprised three talented individuals: Mevon Soodeen, David Millien, and Kitwana Isreal. This deeply personal composition is now dubbed by Patrice as her "most sincere song."

Patrice, her core team, and the group that created Anxiety agreed that this project should be given special attention, and the weeks following that first session allowed for this. Multiple studio visits, writing and listening sessions reassured the nervous songstress that she was making the right decision to be vulnerable publicly.

Two days before the song's official release, Patrice shared social media posts outlining her battle with Anxiety. The feedback that she has received thus far has consisted of hundreds of direct messages and comments from others sharing similar struggles. The relatability of this project has reaffirmed a line in the song that says, "As I lay in my bed with my head to the ceiling, say I'm drowning alone, and I'm lost in my feelings."

Accompanied by an official music video, which was powered by Digicel (Trinidad and Tobago) Limited, Patrice is hoping to remove any shame or misconceptions associated with Anxiety and other forms of mental health disorders.


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