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  • Akeeile Harris

Patra Drops The Debut Single "Tender Touch" From Her Upcoming Album 'PATRA'

The first single from her upcoming 12-track album, set to release later this year, encapsulates Patra's signature style, showcasing her evolution as an artist

Patra, showcasing her signature style

Veteran dancehall artist Patra releases the debut single "Tender Touch" from her forthcoming album 'PATRA,' scheduled for release later this year.

"Tender Touch" embodies Patra's signature style, showcasing her evolution as an artist. The soulful Reggae-Dancehall fusion single emphasizes a woman's empowerment with simplicity and sensuality. Recorded at Mixing Lab with engineer Michael Williamson and filmed in Port Royal by Anthony Bailey Media, the track features renowned musicians like saxophonist Dean Fraser and drummer Kirk Bennett. Distributed by VPAL Music, Patra signed with VP Records/VPAL Music/The Orchard due to her music history with Sony.

Patra's upcoming 12-track album 'PATRA,' set for a late summer release, is 95% complete. Emphasizing ownership of all her masters this time around, she promises fans a return to love, sensuality, and positive energy. "This project has allowed me to dig deep into myself as a writer," the 'Pull Up to the Bumper' singer remarked.

The album also features international producers from Brazil, France, Martinique, and the U.S. Managed by the Solid Agency Company, Patra remains dedicated to her craft and her illustrious career.


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