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Orlando Brown discusses the National Premier League & Dancehall’s influence

Updated: Jan 13

The versatile Orlando Brown of Waterhouse F.C on the state of the National League, the Reggae Boyz, and the impact of Dancehall on him

Brown, "the local football requires mass investment and development"

Widely known as 'Messi', Orlando Brown aged 25 is a versatile football player at one of the more heavily supported National Premier League teams; Waterhouse F.C. He currently occupies the Right Back or Right Wing roles at the club and is very experienced in the league even at his tender age, with exploits also at rival club Cavaliers F.C before joining "Firehouse" as the club is famously called. His favorite professional player is the legendary Brazilian forward Ronaldhino and identifies AC Milan as his dream club to represent.

Waterhouse currently holds the 7th spot in the league, one place outside of the playoff spot and features a few players from the Jamaica National setup including; club captain Ramone Howell (Central Midfielder) and Kemar Foster (Goalkeeper).

"These players are leaders on and off the pitch with top qualities and with their influence, we will regain a playoff spot and then proceed to again win the title", he said.

The state of Jamaica’s National league is cause for concern and requires mass investment and development if it’s to elevate to that next level as the facilities and stadiums need great improvements. In recent times a few of the major local clubs such as Arnett Gardens F.C, Harbor View F.C & Waterhouse F.C just to name a few, have experienced enhancements and this needs to be more widespread for the league to expand.

"Firstly, Jamaica needs to set a target for the number of footballers that we want to produce and adequately plan for their development. Grassroots football in Jamaica is almost non-existent or poorly structured. The federation and the different parish associations need to assess how many youngsters can get involved in playing the sport from an early age and make plans for them in the form of more youth clubs, competitions, and clinics. Youth development is crucial to building a successful football programme. The aim should be consistently World Cup qualification at all levels for both the male and female programmes and also having our local players developed and ready to be integrated in the top North American and European countries", uttered Orlando.

The national setup now bolsters an overseas coach in Heimir Hallgrimsson, known locally as 'Grimmy', the Icelandic former National team representative shows the Jamaica Football Federation's (JFF) current intentions of immediate success.

Heimir Hallgrimsson, 'Grimmy' is doing a fantastic job (Getty Images)

Orlando commented on the Reggae Boyz's (National Team) progress; "Well coach 'Grimmy' is doing a fantastic job so far by recruiting talented youngsters and giving local players like myself a chance so they can be a part of the national setup, even with the current influx of overseas players already in the squad before his appointment. He plans to have a more diverse mixture of local & overseas-based players and we believe in him with his international mentality, management skills, and tactics we will be able to again grace the World Cup in 2026".

Dancehall is the most influential music in Jamaica and its impact on local players is very evident but the impact on Dancehall by football players is also very evident and many Dancehall artistes have placed their favorite players’ names in their lyrical content. Leon Bailey, Ricardo 'Bibi' Gardner and Walter 'Blacka Pearl'' Boyd are just a few of the mega football stars, past or present, Jamaican-born, whose names have been featured in hit songs to date.

Dancehall is very prominent in most football players pre-match routines and when Orlando was asked about his pre-game; he said "I arrive 2 hours before kickoff time, eat lunch, stay hydrated, have a Snickers chocolate then mentality focus, self talk and listen Jahvillani and Vybz Kartel’s music".


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