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Olympic Medalist Yohan Blake Unveils Riviere Bottled Water

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

The Jamaican sprinter introduced his latest project, which encompasses backing for a youth sports event, a forthcoming 5K run, and beyond. The iconic Bounty Killer announced as the brand ambassador

Yohan Blake presenting his new Riviere Purified Water (Photo: Jamar Cleary)

Olympic medalist and Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake unveiled his new venture, Riviere Bottled Water, during a grand press conference held at the AC Hotel in New Kingston on Friday, October 20th.

The event commenced with a warm welcome from the renowned publicist and media consultant, Judith Bodley, who then treated the audience to an exclusive preview of Riviere Bottled Water's yet-to-be-released commercial. This captivating sneak peek featured CEO Yohan Blake himself, social media influencer Julie Mango, and the iconic Dancehall veteran Bounty Killer, who was announced as the brand's ambassador.

Publicist and media consultant, Judith Bodley with Maliyah Burke (Photo: Jamar Cleary)

During the conference, Yohan Blake, who serves as Riviere's CEO, shared insights into his role as the brand's ambassador in the world of athletics, highlighting the crucial role of water in maintaining optimal health. As a distinguished Olympian and world medalist, he underscored the numerous health benefits associated with proper hydration and also unveiled exciting upcoming ventures, including an upcoming 5K event.

Furthermore, Blake emphasized Riviere's commitment to supporting youth-centric sporting events, particularly within the domains of track and field and schoolboy football. He reiterated his long-standing dedication to charitable work and community support, which includes the establishment of a physical rehabilitation center. His ultimate vision is to establish Riviere as a brand with a enduring legacy of philanthropy.

Yohan Blake, has intention to sponsoring youth sporting events (Photo: Jamar Cleary)

Yohan Blake introduced Borris Hutchinson, Riviere's co-owner, who shared the brand's origin story, dating back to the challenging times of the pandemic. Initially rejected by a bank, Hutchinson subsequently enlisted the support of Yohan Blake, leading to the product's eventual approval and its scheduled distribution on November 1st.


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