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Nation Boss launched his debut EP ‘Inkosi’

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Rising dancehall artiste, Nation Boss launched his debut EP, “INKOSI” at his birthday and EP party, which was held on October 12 at the Meca Club in Kingston. “INKOSI is a powerful leader of an organization, as an African chieftain leader”, he explained the choice of his EP name.

The singer promises an EP of seven songs with some exciting collaborations. “The EP consists of seven tracks with two features which include a very talented young artiste, Lahba then another collaboration with Rytikal”, the Humans singer revealed.

Nation Boss got attention when he released his breakthrough hit, "Humans" which surpassed 13 million views on YouTube. “

I'll say the audience connected with nation boss because of the message in his music and the emotions it sings with likewise it's something someone can surely reflect on”, explains the Spanish Town born artiste.

The EP was produced by ‘Doni Music Productions / ‘Tekktroniic Muziq’ and his own label, ‘Native Entertainment’.

In the emerging catalog of promising talent, you will find several hits alongside ‘Humans’ such as ‘Calm & Steady’, ‘Airplane Mode’ (Feat. Chronic Law), “Faith”, “Emotions” and a couple more.


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