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Khxos Break Silence After Long Hiatus; Returns With New Release

Artist and producer returns with new single "Not Enough", reflecting on the break, shifting perspective, and aspiring to make an impact with fresh music

Khxos, Break silence after long hiatus

Dancehall artist and producer Khxos is poised to make his comeback to the scene after a lengthy hiatus with the single "Not Enough," produced by Go Getta & Lenoi Bentley.

Khxos, who has been focusing on his musical production in recent months, sheds light on his decision to return to music as an artist, stating, "I have already begun my journey into music production, releasing a song titled 'Wicked Gyal' with Tifa and collaborating with Florida-based artist Javii Don early last year." He adds, "I collaborated (as a song writer and engineer) with producer John FX on Tosh Alexander's track 'Cum Yah.' I am also in the process of working on several other records that will be released in the near future."

Reflecting on his extended hiatus from music, Khxos shares, "I needed some time to focus on myself, to reflect and reconnect with who I am. There have been many challenges recently– It's tough to maintain creative focus when everything else seems to be unraveling."

Khxos (born Oshane Logan) simply wants to rediscover the joy of making music. "I'm just enjoying the process of creating music for the sheer fun of it. I don't have any specific goals for this particular song; I just want to share it with others. I believe that listeners will enjoy it."

Combining the realms of production and being an artist, he reflects on the insights he gained during the break. "Since immersing myself in music production, my perspective on myself and the industry has entirely changed. I now listen to music with a renewed sense of appreciation and clarity," he shared. "I've come to view the music industry as a dynamic business filled with endless opportunities. Nonetheless, I’d still want to make a positive impact on future generations through my music. It’s a lot to think about".

With numerous songs saved on his hard drive, Khxos expressed, "I still aspire to make a positive impact on future generations through my music. Just have to wait and see."


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